ECC Update 12/21

What an amazing and exhilarating week. Thank you for the warm welcome back! I’d like to share a few things with you all here before most head out for the holidays. For all those that spent time with me, or messaged with me this week, thank you. The love and encouragement has been overwhelming. Your ideas and willingness to jump in has been inspiring. It was a wonderful reminder of how dedicated and passionate this community is!

A few things we did this week:

  • Relicensed Orchard from BOSL to MIT.

  • Announced a summit, Zeboot, to take place in Q1 2024. This event will be important for locking in our roadmap.

  • I met with @Dodger and @Alex_ZF at the Zcash Foundation to re-establish ties. The spirit of the call was incredibly positive and collaborative.

  • Internally and externally began setting a new strategy where ECC leverages its strengths to educate, empower and grow the community.

  • We determined to more actively and vocally participate in a marketplace of ideas. I asked the team to voice ideas and opinions about the direction of Zcash, even if I disagree. Best ideas win.

  • We resolved to actively support other projects, using our best judgement, while staying accountable for our commitments.

  • Announced that we are ending our OKR process after this period ending in January. It’s too heavy and brittle for our team right now.

A few things we’re working on:

  • Taking PTO next week! A lot of the team will be out next week to take a breather, enjoy time with their loved ones and refuel for the coming year.

  • A number of organizational changes will occur in the coming weeks. This includes a change in the leadership structure.

  • Another change that we’ll share more about later is that @paulbrigner, ECC’s current Head of Policy and Strategic Advocacy will expand his role to work with the community and Zcash Foundation on Zcash governance. He brings a unique set of skills, passion, leadership and diplomacy that I think would be massively beneficial to the mission and the community.

  • We’ve started planning Zeboot and will announce more details as we get them locked in.

  • Continuing work on Zashi and the SDK. In particular the team is working to enable modern fees (ZIP 317), add Orchard support, and has begun work on exploring background sync.

  • Discussed a smooth and well-supported path toward zcashd retirement in 2024.

  • Continuing work on PoS research including design, a simulator and a prototype.

  • Deep dive operational and financial assessments to streamline operation, reduce areas of friction and effectively plan based on different financial scenarios.

Fun times. I’m excited for next year.
Cheers everyone. Happy holidays!


Pumped! Loving the transparency.




This is the kind of energy Zcash needs.


Yeah, this is amazing to see!


Some fantastic items on that list :clap:
Particularly excited to hear the expertise of @paulbrigner will be farmed out to the wider zcash community. His understanding of policy is an invaluable resource to projects throughout the ecosystem.

Smells suspiciously like the decentralisation of knowledge… and after all, knowledge is power!

Nice work Zebras!

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Really happy to read this.

Congratulations @joshs