ECC update for Feb 9, 2024

Hi Znation,

It’s been a week since we wrapped up Zeboot. Can’t believe it. I’ve had something like the flu all week - I think my body is telling to sloowww down. No time for that. :wink:

icymi, On Monday I posted a summary of decisions, timelines and an overview of how the stage was set for the week’s discussions at Zeboot.

We’ve been working on those things this week including:

  • A hard push to release Zashi 1.0. After vastly improving sync performance, the team is back working on Orchard support and functional improvements. iOS DAG. Android DAG. Lukas also spent a bit of time to help Zingo! with background sync. We’re also thinking through the best way to handle audits for these specific apps and go-to-market plans.

  • @daira and team have been digging into PoS estimates and options, as well as providing some support for Qedit’s ZSA work.

As you may have seen on Twitter, Brave is cooking. We’ve been meeting every other week to review progress and plans. Look for more VERY soon.

Also, I have been working behind the scenes on the viaBTC has rate issue and progress has been made. Hopefully the issue is resolved.

@daira began working in hir new role as the R&D engineering manager, and @paulbrigner in his as the VP of Strategic Alliances.

We also posted the CTO position, and have received 450 resumes already. Wow.

I realize that many of you haven’t met some of the folks at ECC. These aren’t employees, but team members working with us on a contract basis, some for two or more years. They are most certainly part of the ECC family and most were with us at Zeboot.

@Lukas is our Zashi iOS developer. In his words…

I started iOS development in 2009, around crypto from 2017 and joined Zcash in Feb 2022. Previously worked for the biggest company in Czech - and later international company called Naspers - VOD service for the whole African continent.

I’m 40y.o, husband and father of 2 boys 10y,o. + 7y.o, from Czech Republic near Prague, (when not sick) I’m a huge sportsman - triathlons so I do all 3 disciplines (swimming, cycling and running).

@Honza is our Zashi Android developer. In his words…

With a decade of experience as a freelance Android developer, I specialize in creating dynamic and attractive mobile applications. I’ve contributed significantly to various projects, including the development of the most-used Czech public transport app, IDOS, and the creation of an Android app for a smart city platform called Invipo used across Central European and Turkish cities. My enthusiasm for UX, UI, and design is expressed in my hobby project, Daylee, a video diary app.

Currently, I’m thrilled to be part of the Zcash cryptocurrency mobile team, enhancing the Android SDK for secure and private transactions and developing a first-party Zashi wallet app.

Beyond programming, I maintain an active lifestyle through sports like backcountry skiing and mountain hiking. My favorite way to unwind is traveling with my family in our old campervan to leave the rush of the city

@Ren is our Zashi UX designer (among other things!)

Richard has over 20 years of experience in branding, digital, print, campaigns, and strategic marketing.

Along with his background in motion, video, and photography, Richard delivers a unique skill set for building curated user experiences and opportunities to help craft immersive, human-centric stories for innovation platforms.

He’s worked for large branding firms and in-house agencies, dabbled in the freelance world, and now works with Adjy, an identity and creative agency that has partnered with ECC/Zcash since 2018.

Scott joined us this week as our interim head of finance and operations. In his words…

Over the past two decades, I’ve developed a broad base of experience in helping organizations reach their full potential. Some of my areas of focus include financial management, strategic planning, operations management, and data analytics. I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in rebuilding several small businesses, starting an innovation department, and leading an analytics team at very large company.

I’m passionate about leveraging technology to gain efficiencies and insights that ultimately lead to better outcomes for employees, customers, and businesses alike. I’m excited to be working with ECC to help write the next chapter.

In my leisure time, I enjoy outdoor adventures with my family and friends and coaching the next generation of junior cyclists.

And Andrea joined us last week as our new Zashi product manager.

We hope to share more about her soon!

Have a great weekend everyone.



The fastest man alive. Respect Josh :pray:.

Congrats to Daira and Paul. And welcome Scott and Andrea :slight_smile:



I’m happy to see ECC updates every week. You’re the best Josh


Let’s gooooooo !!!