ECC update for Feb 16, 2024

Yes, you are smarter than all eth researchers (cryptologists, economists). You are the smartest person in the world. LOL.

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very good. I feel proud to follow this project. I wish Zcash much success.

In fact, the issue of quantum computers is very important, but in my opinion it is not yet a danger, there are more important things to focus on at the moment. Yes, one day it will be necessary to dedicate ourselves to this issue of quantum computers.

Thanks for maintaining this commitment to inform the community of ECC’s whereabouts on a regular cadence.

It takes a lot of work to recap all the work and deliver it with this clarity.

Very excited for what’s to come. I’m very aware that many people will feel disappointed with the realistic timelines here. I’m not. On the contrary I’m very happy that we have real estimations and not smoke, mirrors and fanfare kind of announcements. This is real change and progress

Everyone interested in the PoS transition should be very pumped up and think the other way around: how can I contribute to make the “timeline number go down”? :grin:

Cheers !


I’d love to hear from @daira on how going through hybrid-PoS first enhances our knowledge on $ZEC distribution (vs directly switching to full PoS). If anything, I believe that shielded hardware support helps proliferate shielded adoption to the point where distribution heuristics become even more difficult to track. Why not go full force now that capital-at-risk & shielded adoption are at their hopefully lowest point going forward.

:sun_with_face: Foundation + ECC laser focus :sun_with_face:


I think the fact that a fall-back would be easier in hybrid compared to full transition, is desirable especially when we have seen the UX disruption that can happen with each NU.

To quote the TFL book:

If there is a show-stopping flaw in any step, the fall-back possibility seems more plausible. For example, if there is a show-stopper when transitioning from PoW to PoW+TFL, falling back to pure PoW seems more feasible, since both protocols rely on mainnet PoW infrastructure, so those participants will be present in either case.


By switching to POS zcash has no intrinsic value…it is like other tokens.

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