ECC Update for March 29th - Let's Zashi!

Hi Zeeps,

Let’s Zashi!

ECC delivered its first production mobile wallet this week, and she’s beautiful.

Since we launched on Thursday, there have been over 580 downloads to iPhones and a few iPads. People worldwide are downloading and using it, with about 40% in the US. Russian users account for about 9% of app store downloads, followed by S. Korea, which accounts for 5%.

Zashi is a wallet.

Zashi is a fun, easy, and powerful way to use Zcash. We’ll aggressively add more power. :muscle:

While our initial target is existing Zcash users, we want to make it easy to onboard new Zcashers.

Zashi is a platform.

We’re building a new system outside but adjacent to the old system. Zashi represents freedom, and we’ll use it to deliver freedom tech. Some of what we’ll deliver is Zcash-specific, and some will build on other projects and capabilities. It’ll always be useful standalone, but for those who want to interact with the legacy world, we’re planning to integrate those features too.

Zashi is a noun and a verb.

Zashi me. I’ll Zashi you.

And it is fun to say. Right anon? Let’s Zashi!

We published a blog this week that describes our vision for the product and the thinking behind the brand and name. If you missed it, check out the promotional video on the Zashi page. It’ll make you smile, I promise.

Zashi is open source.

Want to check out the code? Want to fork create your own version? All you!

It’s all for you, Zeeps. If you need support or have ideas on improving it, please join our Discord and follow Zashi on Twitter.

What’s next for Zashi?

Improvements: The team has already been pushing bug fixes and minor improvements. Check back for frequent updates.

Planning: Our Q2/3 planning week is the second week in April. We’ll prioritize our work for the next major release, which will include R&D, regulatory consultation, and potential partnerships. What’s on the table? I’m glad you asked. We’ll be digging into possibilities for integration with a payments provider for gift card purchases, Flexa integration for purchases at a host of retailers, Ledger integration, and liberated payments.

Android: We’re still in beta for our Android release, targeting the end of April.

The people that brought Zashi to life.

I often shoot from the hip, but I always shoot straight. I’ll do that again here. We have been working on this thing for a long freakn’ time. It was way overdue. A few things happened that made this possible, this quarter. We committed to the wallet as the flagship product for ECC in January, which we will use to deliver a fantastic user experience for Zcash users. And secondly, at Zeboot, the team committed to ship v1 this quarter. As you’ll read below, it was no small task. I’m incredibly proud of how we came together and worked our collective tails off to get this over the line. It often was not fun, and everyone sacrificed.

We did it together and with heart, relentless determination, and passion. We’ve entered into a new era.

On the backend, @nuttycom and @str4d have been working exceptionally long hours and through weekends to get everything supported, including faster sync, dynamic fees, and Orchard support. @daira has been a fantastic leader, balancing the need to ship quickly and ensuring we deliver securely and with quality.

@Lukas has been on fire developing the iOS app, adding features like background sync in his not-so-spare time, and discovering all kinds of things we needed to get right. Like the others, he has been working non-stop. Lucas built everything you touch in the app. @Honza was also a huge help, reviewing and supporting while also working to get the Android app built.

@andrea has led the charge from commitment to release, including planning and coordinating as our product manager. She’s an exceptional leader and cat herder. She’s also now handling support. Keep in mind that she just started with us a couple of months ago, and for the first month, she took it upon herself to work two jobs. She was finishing up her previous gig AND leading this effort.

@adjychris and Richard were behind the brand and design. Richard painstakingly designed every screen and interaction, questioning and simplifying to create a clean and easy user experience. And Chris did everything from writing comms to the wording of things in the app. I think they did an amazing job. Also, @yasserisa was behind the scenes, ensuring our environments and infrastructure were humming.

Others, including former ECCers Nick, Pacu, Zooko, and others, were involved at the beginning. Their fingerprints are all over it. And @earthrise heroically stepped in to provide the audit we needed.

I also need to thank all the beta testers who provided fantastic feedback and support throughout. We have an amazing community.

To all of you. Thank you. You are all monsters. I love you all. I’m incredibly proud of what we accomplished together.

But wait, there’s more.

Chris and Richard also created a refreshed brand and website for ECC. It also launched this week. It distills our work and captures the human electricity we’re tapping into and the freedom we’re unlocking. It’s electric! The site also includes our ever-evolving roadmap so that you can see where we’re headed.

Did you catch this week’s PGP event? Lizzy Fallon, the legislative director for House Majority Whip Tom Emmer, kicked it off. @paulbrigner is an absolute pro and brings so much credibility to the project in Washington. If you missed it, you can catch up on Twitter.

I met with Jonathan at Qedit again to discuss the ZSA timeline and path ahead. As zcashd will be deprecated, ZSAs will only be supported in the Zcash Foundation’s zebrad. One significant issue is how to replace the wallet currently used in zcashd. The foundation has stated that it does not intend to create a CLI wallet to bring parity. And so we’re faced with a dilemma. Who will build and support a new CLI wallet that can be packaged with zebrad? I don’t have the answer today. Perhaps there is someone in the community willing to take that up. If so, we’re here to support you! We’ll be working through that question in the coming weeks.

Some of the team also found time to attend Real World Crypto. The presentations are available on the RWC site if you are interested.

Another absolute banger of a week.

Be free and Zashi on!



Lean mean machines. Well done to all involved with Zashi :heart:


Congratulations @joshs and to the entire team at Electric Coin Company. This has been a long time coming and you all deserve hearty applause for delivering.

Long live Zcash!


Thank you all for making zashi real🙏


A tangible solution we can hold with our hands! Amazing work guys! Can’t wait to see the new features!!!


zashi rocks! thanks to everyone involved.

kudos to @nuttycom @str4d and @daira for working over the weekend when i was out drinking.


we movin fast in right direction! hope all desv can get sum needed rest also soon wen bugs fixed.

onward! :rocket:


come on @joshs gotta give me credit for the name at least :laughing:

congrats team!


Apologies. It’s a fantastic name!

Congratulations on this historic release.

I’ll tell a lovely little story about Secant (Zashi origins). There are more fingerprints from past ECCers than it can meet the eye.

Kevin is a great dev, super hero dad and a great friend. Although he left ECC a few years ago his legacy still is present today.

He did a lot under the scenes, he taught me a lot of stuff about ZEC and life. He used to take little notes of every meeting he had with everyone and then when something came up he would say “oh I think I have something about that in my notes” and he did! Liberated payment was one of the things he most fancied since he thought it was the ultimate family allowances tool! I’m super happy ECC is finally focusing on them. Parents of the world unite!

When I joined ECC Kevin, Android dev lead at the time told me:

“Developing on Zcash is not about what tech is today, it’s about where it is going to be some time later in the future. Like shooting a moving target, you don’t aim to where the thing is, but where you think it’s going to be”.

That’s the philosophy everything in the wallet team was built with. Android started with “coroutines” a fringe tech from 2018 that today is the standard of concurrency. Kevin shot the moving target.

Zcash had one of the first production apps featuring SwiftUI in 2020 which was the fork known as nighthawk 1.0. With Swift UI it all started with beta software that barely worked. Some demos were embarrassing because people wouldn’t believe that it was the Apple framework being beta and not just a buggy poc app. But the bet was worth it. We knew before any other what it needed to be done for the SDK to work well with SwiftUI.

Today SwiftUI is everyone’s favorite toy at Apple UI development. ECC has been doing swift UI development since day zero. Zashi reflects that learning. Secant went through many changes before the Zashi that we all see today. The same architecture supports it all.

Same with kotlin multi platform and jet pack compose. When I asked Carter about Android in the next years, he said this was going to be the future of a modular kotlin and Android. And it really ended up being so.

Applications based in secant (NH and Zashi) are very modular. And should be able to accommodate the zigzagging paths of the crypto industry as some features arise and others retire.

It is very exciting to see what will people do with the app. Once you release an app, it’s not only “yours” anymore. It belongs to everyone using it.

Let’s all of us make Zcash what we want it to be.

Doing is better than saying, to make is better than to promise



Since we launched on Thursday, there have been over 580 downloads to iPhones and a few iPads. People worldwide are downloading and using it, with about 40% in the US. Russian users account for about 9% of app store downloads, followed by S. Korea, which accounts for 5%.

There are many South Korean Zodlers!! :slight_smile:

In Korea, because most of people use Android phones (Samsung Galaxy), so the number of Koreans downloading Zashi will be higher.

Privacy is normal.


Don’t forget to leave a review on the App Store everyone :blush:


How can we better connect with South Korean users? I’d love to hear more about them and their needs. Since there are no exchanges that support ZEC in the country, I’m assuming people have other means of acquiring it.


Hi Josh! Thank you for your interest in the South Korean Zcash Community.

There are currently 337 Zcash holders on the Korean KakaoTalk SNS. On average, there are 8,400 total active conversations per month. You can join our KakaoTalk chat and start chatting with Korean Zodlers.

Welcome Josh!!! (but the mood is not good due to the recent poor price of Zcash…please understand)

KaKaoTalk Download:



Zcash Kakaotalk : KakaoTalk Open Chat

Password: zechold

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Many people, including myself, buy Zcash on Binance. Due to the delisting issue of Zcash from Binance, we ran a poll on who keeps their Zcash on Binance and who keeps it in a hard wallet. The results showed that 57 out of 91 people keep their Zcash on Binance. Binance is the only exchange where South Koreans can trade Zcash comfortably and freely.



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I just want to say awesome work. Wondering if this software were made available for M1 Apple devices. Currently, I’m unable to install it because it isn’t published for this platform. Having it available would offer greater control over formatting the computer and ensuring a clean install. This is in contrast to an iPhone, which I find more difficult to wipe completely.

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I see the background on the name has been made public.

A few days ago I had a conversation with GPT-4, speculating about the origins and etymology of the Name Zashi.

Pretty intriguing IMO.

Do I hear promotional opportunity in Japan?

Of course I know nothing about Japanese language and culture and this could all be a hallucination :slight_smile:

If you know anyone that does know, I’m curious about their thoughts.

The Z even looks like origami…


Whoa! Chat GPT is freaking me out! :sweat_smile:


Wait and you’ll be able to chat soon. This seems to happen when connecting from abroad.