ECC Update Re Filecoin Partnership

Hey everyone,

Regarding this recent announcement from ECC, I wanted to provide additional context for the community.

ECC recently entered an agreement with the Filecoin Foundation. This has two direct results:

  1. Halo 2’s codebase is open to everyone under the MIT open-source license, while Orchard remains under the more restrictive BOSL license. This helps broaden Zcash development and potential advancements on the chain, while protecting the Zcash protocol and ZEC holders from other projects replicating our codebase.

  2. A joint grants pool, with up to $9 million available for Filecoin and Zcash projects, will be funded by both orgs. This directly funds teams who want to build to benefit the Zcash and Filecoin ecosystems.

This partnership benefits ZEC holders via a few mechanisms. Most importantly, funding development that expands ZEC’s use case will make the coin a more valuable asset. Also, potential interoperability with other blockchains gives ZEC added utility and makes the coin more accessible to all.

More accessibility and utility is positive-sum for ZEC holders and the Zcash community. We entered this partnership to expand ZEC’s use case, and are excited to see the development that stems from this partnership.

We are super excited about these partnerships and announcements and are more committed than ever to our north star: to deliver a world-class user experience for ZEC.

If you all have any questions, let us know in the comments and the ECC team will join the discussion.