ECC Zeboot Decisions and Timelines + Opening Presentation

With a daily trading volume of US$50 million, ZEC’s daily output is now only 3,000. If zec first used POS, it would have fallen even more like algorand.

Market makers making markets. That’s not $50 million in liquidation on the sell side and $50 milion of new investment on the buy side. That’s just traders making markets. The net selling we are experiencing is coming from the issuance - that’s where all the supply comes from.

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Not all of the 3,000 zecs produced daily will be sold. Now most miners will only buy zcash.

Why will they buy Zcash?

Switching to POS, zcash will be worse than algorand because algorand is not a privacy coin.

Because I am a zcash miner

Interesting. I heard from a number of miners that they sell for fiat or BTC in years past.

But in working on the viaBTC hash rate issue, I was told, by a well connected miner, that many current miners value ZEC for its privacy. All anecdotal but it was the first I’d heard that since ASICs. That person told me “you need to talk to us more.”


well are you?

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I am a small miner (I have several Z15s running), and I think it is necessary to switch to POS as soon as possible.


Small miners usually do not sell coins because they can pay the mining costs through other means. And they can afford to take risks by holding the coins. For large miners this is already a more serious business. All their expenses come from the sale of coins. And they spend Bitcoins or US dollars to buy ASICs and also want to make a profit in Bitcoins or US dollars. Large miners almost always sell ⓩ.

In GPU mining, almost everything was small. In ASIC mining, most of them are large. Abandoning the GPU was stupid and short-sighted. As a result, we lost all GPU miners. Only the Zoedlers remained. Now they are shouting straight into the ears of developers to move to POS as soon as possible. I hope they get their priorities right, otherwise they’ll lose Zodlers too. I apologize for the grammar, I am writing through a translator.


POS cannot be truly random and will only make power more and more concentrated.

It is very difficult to force people to use ⓩ if no one wants to keep their money in ⓩ. First you need to solve the fundamental problem with the price ⓩ, switch to POS. And then solve the problem of how to force people to use ⓩ, and not just store it speculatively.

With the recent drop in XMR, many people decided to sell ⓩ and buy XMR. And they did it not because Monero is more convenient to use, but because they don’t lose money like that in Monero. Now they will already use Monero and it doesn’t matter who has the better technology. Monero did the right thing by reducing its emission in a short time, which affected the price.


what is the strategy to get us out of this selling pressure? @joshs @Dodger

if there is no strategy, at least let us know please!


I think that although zcash and Monero are in a competitive relationship, their positioning is different. The advantages of zcash are low fees, trustworthiness, fast transaction speed and privacy, so it is more suitable for web3 cross-chain atomic transactions, while monero It is relatively simple and its main users are on the dark web, so resistance to censorship is particularly important to it. The current price of zcash is low because the technology is not yet mature, or so I think.

the price performance has little to do with the technology.

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My Bitcoin has also been liquidated. Centralized exchanges are very dark. I believe web3 is the general trend!

i agree with both of you,
still have to recognize that another rushing delivery of a half baked buggy product may lead to dangerous consequences either :frowning:

still no answer from @joshs and @Dodger

don’t get me wrong, but this speaks for itself. i am truly thinking about exiting my ZEC! it’s sad that not even the leaders of the orgs have a solution for this. (or even share their perspective)

i feel stupid, for holding ZEC while writing this! also hate against the decision makers (of the past) :cry:

it seems that the leader of the orgs don’t realize that we are the last ones financing this project. everyone else just moved on, please open your eyes and start this conversation. you are turning zodlers into antizodlers with the actions that you take. (this includes dumping ZEC for other Coins)

i never thought that i would get there, but i start to think that the dev fund was a bad decision!

Your account is relatively new so I’ll point out something you may have overlooked: ECC, ZF, and ZCG have never taken actions for the sole reason of trying to pump ZEC market value.

They operate under non-profit organizations in the US who’s goal is to further the Zcash protocol through development, cryptography, education, and take steps advance Zcash adoption. As nonprofits they cannot be seen as trying to manipulate the market to further their own interests. If you are expecting them to do otherwise you will be disappointed.

The best way to make Zcash more valuable is to further the use of Zcash by taking steps to remove barriers to adoption, make Zcash easier to build on, build interoperability for Zcash and other platforms. More users, more use cases, more demand for Zcash.

Those are some of the things Josh mentioned in the first post of this thread, and ZF has similar goals.

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I personally think that there is no cryptocurrency on the exchange that is more cost-effective than zcash.