Electric Coin Company Blog and Transparency Report

Is this accurate as the current Electric Coin Company Blog post?

Why are the Q3 and Q4 reports for 2022 so far behind?

The reports reflect activities and expenses for 2 quarters back. They do include current holdings as of the date the report is released.


Is there a reason why the reports are so far behind? The value of the ZEC holdings is cut much worse than in half since Q2 of 2022 and Iā€™m concerned about the ability of these organizations to fund their operating expenses throughout 2023, if ZEC were to stick under $50 a coin.

What sort of upgrades could be looked into that would allow for these Transparency reports to be completed in a time respectful manner?

It was at the request of our CTO at the time when we first started publishing. It gives us time to close the books and report the period accurately. We have significantly reduced our operating expenses due to the lower coin price and managing our treasury carefully.