Elk Finance Introduction

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with one of your community members on our Discord Channel.

Further to this conversation I would like to introduce our project to see if would be of interest to the ZCash community.

To be clear this is no hard sell. I am very much just looking for a path to work together. I would also welcome feed back or questions.

Thank you for your time.

Elk Finance provides a modular and fully composable blockchain interoperability solution, enabling value and data transfers across blockchain domains. Our flagship product, ElkNet, enables seamless multi-chain operations with tokens (DeFi, lending, GameFi, NFTs, etc.) Using the Elk SDK, developers can easily integrate cross-chain functionality into their web3 applications.

Currently, ElkNet connects 20 blockchains and aims to support many more in the near future. We also intend to support application blockchains, subnets, supernets, etc. with different virtual machines. Each supported chain benefits from the full range of Elk infrastructure and services, including ElkDex (a uniswap-compatible AMM), liquidity pairs, farms, staking, advanced analytics, bridging, cross-chain swaps, and support for the Elk SDK.

Development with Elk SDK’s, coming soon.

Farm as a service (FaaS)

FaaS is an ideal permissionless solution for developers who want to create liquidity pools and incentives for their token; independently and without restrictions

Bridge as a service (BaaS)

With the BaaS SDK, you can make your new and existing tokens cross-chain compatible.
Tokens native to every chain you choose.
Brand new cross-chain tokens from scratch, instantly.
Focus on developing your applications without worrying about the cross-chain infrastructure
Wrapped and synthetic tokens on multiple chains. No fragmentation.

Why ElkNet?

Security - ElkNet is a safe method of moving value across blockchains. ElkNet minimizes common bridging risks (double spends, etc.) The system introduces optimistic delays and periodic verification of transfer messages to detect inconsistencies in the blockchain (e.g., reorganization) or suspicious activities, preventing further processing of such transfers.

Low Cost - ElkNet is efficiently gas optimized and requires only two on-chain transactions per cross-chain transfer, minimizing gas costs for users and operators.

Fast - ElkNet is as fast as the underlying blockchains it supports. In most cases, transactions go through in mere seconds. The transfer is completed after finality is confirmed on the source chain. The transfer speed between two chains is unaffected by other chains or congestion.

Compatibility - Its unique design allows ElkNet to be compatible with all blockchains, whether they are EVM or not.

Unique Opportunities for Partnerships - Having a token present on multiple blockchains allows for unique partnerships with projects on a variety of chains, allowing more opportunities for business development and marketing.

Decentralized - ElkNet will be secured by a set of decentralized nodes that collectively verify messages and transfers and work together to post transactions on the target chain. The decentralized nature of the system also helps provide censorship-resistance and long-term viability.

Transparency - Using a reservoir system allows users/projects to follow transactions on and off-chain, and ensures a simple but adaptable mechanism for bridging. Transfers are easily executed by users where the only interaction is with ElkNet, the origin blockchain, and destination blockchain that the user is bridging between.

Customizability - Applications and bridges built on top of ElkNet can customize their bridging interface as they see fit. The liquidity for any proxy token can be present on any decentralized exchange.

Unique Features - Features such as the “swap for gas” option, allow users to arrive on new chains with the ability to instantly interact with the chain’s ecosystem. Cross-chain messaging allows ElkNet to communicate with any blockchain it is connected to. ElkNet is the hub of the ecosystem and ensures that transfers from/to all chains are handled without issue.

Minimal Maintenance - Since the ElkNet is becoming an independent network operated by decentralized nodes, developers building on top of ElkNet need not maintain their own nodes. Similarly, ElkNet supports easy cross-chain price arbitrage, allowing prices to stay consistent on all blockchains.

For future information please also see your website.


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I’ve used Elk finance a lot in the past. I even made some cash farming Shapeshift FOX tokens on xDai / Gnosis.

Would be nice to see Zcash using this BaaS (or even the FaaS, if it’s possible at all).
I want to see the opinion of more experienced developers here.

Hi James,
Thank you for your positive comments.

FaaS is in the last round of testing before mainnet. We were humbled to qualify in first position with our Farm as a service in the recent Tron/Bttc hackathon.
I am excited to see how projects use FaaS as in roles out across supported chains.

BaaS is also coming along nicely. For your interest I have linked below an article from one of our partners. Although this is more of a custom solution it shows an example of BaaS in action. Further to this we also have our sights set on Circles CCTP SKD which we also plan to make available for developers building with us.