Email and sms sender using Claymore's remote manager

I was unable to manage Remote Manager to send me email or even sms in case of alarm, so after spending some time searching the internet how to make .bat file to send sms and email I came up with an idea to send sms and email with python script and make but file to run these scripts. It’s very helpful for me to manage my rigs even if I’m offline.
First you need to install python 3.5.2 and don’t forget to check both boxes:

After fresh installing the python lets configure Twilio account.
Sign up for Twilio account and create API Twilio | Try Twilio Free

[code]Step 1: Create an API Key

First, you need to create an API Key, which contains a secret used to sign Access Tokens. You can create API Keys from the Twilio Console or using the REST API. At the time you create the API Key, you’ll be shown the Key’s secret. For security, you will only be shown the secret when the key is created. You should store it with the Key’s SID in a secure location for the next step.

Step 2: Generate an Access Token

Next, you’ll use the the secret of the API Key you created in step 1 to generate an access-token using the Twilio Helper Library. Each token is granted access to specific client features. [/code]

then make a .py file and fill it with this(replace _sid and _token to your live _sid and _token and also replace numbers):

[code]# Download the twilio-python library from SDKs | Twilio
from import TwilioRestClient

Find these values at Twilio Cloud Communications | Web Service API for building Voice and SMS Applications

client = TwilioRestClient(account_sid, auth_token)

message = client.messages.create(to=“+12316851234”, from_=“+15555555555”,
body=“Hello there!”)[/code]

Then run this in CMD:

pip install twilio

Now you can test file by double clicking on it, after few second you should get sms from Twilio number with your own text.

Configure email sender:
Open CMD and type:


import smtplib[/code]

After this replace email accounts in code above and save it as

[code]import smtplib

server = smtplib.SMTP(‘’, 587)


If you will using gmail don’t forget to allow “less secure apps” to access your account.

After these steps you can create simple .bat file to use in remote manager to run these two python scripts in case of alarm

[code]@ECHO OFF

start C:*\
start C:*

P.S. I’ve done these steps and everything is working fine for me, I didn’t write neither sms sender script nor email sender one, use them on your discretion.
sources used:
Twilio API creation API Keys and Access Tokens | Twilio
SMS .py file Programmable SMS Python Quickstart - Send & Receive SMS | Twilio
email stuff

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