Error in z8 upgrade

When trying to start it up:

Error: Incorrect or no genesis block found. Wrong datadir for network?

Is there a file I need to delete?

The blockchain has been reset in the z8 release. You will need to delete the ~/.zcash/testnet3 directory (the rest of the ~/.zcash directory should be left as-is).

Awww… All my 200+ test zec go byebye…

Unless it’s a pretty fast machine, it now needs 8 GB instead of 4 GB. It appears the reason is that Unbuntu requires 2 GB and 4 threads of Zcash now requires about 2.2 GB.

Why are the coin rewards multiples of 0.063? (but not quite whole multiples)

Are 8 GB systems the target audience for mining?

The Equihash parameters were changed (to n=200, k=9), and they indeed require slightly more memory. If this is a problem, use fewer threads.

[Edit: hmm, that link doesn’t work because of the space in the URL. Click “memory equihash” on the left-hand panel to make it load correctly.]

The blockchain was reset, so you are seeing the mining slow start again. The coin rewards that miners get will slowly increase over the next month up to 10 ZEC.

@zawy Just to add, you can use the getblocksubsidy command to see what the reward is for a particular block e.g. zcash-cli getblocksubsidy 50


@bitcartel Thanks. At first I thought “yeah, that’s interesting”, but then I realized I really needed to know it in order to avoid fumbling around with math in bash.

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Where can I download Z8 ?

Look at the latest blog post. They did it this past weekend.

I’m currently doing a fresh install and somehow the has downloaded the z7 keys… Is this something to do with the previous releases not resetting the blockchain?

I’ve had my newly compiled zcashd online for a little while now but no blocks are downloading.

I believe my installs were downloading the z7 keys also.

I have one machine saying block number 1352 while the others say 1356. Connection to leastauthority is established. That’s a bug. An error message needed to show, but I guess it’s probably a known issue in the bitcoin code.

My complied Zcash does not sync. When I try to mine, it mine on its own fork.

Starting and stopping zcashd on that machine brought it back to the right chain.

I’m a different version of linux and everything looks fine, but it will not connect to leastauthority to start getting the blockchain. It’s listening on the other 3 lines as usual. Suggestions?

I even deleted zcash, .zcash, .zcash-params folders then compiled from scratch but no success.

Make sure your browser can see the internet, then use the following after starting zcashd
lsof -i | grep zcashd
to see if connection to leastauthority is “establised”.
I assume you have gen=1 and genproclimit=4 (or 1,2,3) in zcash.conf
If your browser works and there’s no connection to least authority then you’re in the same boat with one of my PCs.

Has Zcash ever run successfully on your machine?
What version if Linux are you using?
At what step does it fail, and what error codes do you see?

I’ve been successfully running Zcash since z2 on my laptop, not sure why this time it fails.