"errors" : "WARNING: check your network connection, 0 blocks received in the last 4 hours (96 expected)"

"version" : 1000000,
"protocolversion" : 170002,
"walletversion" : 60000,
"balance" : 0.00000000,
"blocks" : 18,
"timeoffset" : 0,
"connections" : 0,
"proxy" : "",
"difficulty" : 1.00000000,
"testnet" : true,
"keypoololdest" : 1476420648,
"keypoolsize" : 101,
"paytxfee" : 0.00000000,
"relayfee" : 0.00005000,
"errors" : "WARNING: check your network connection, 0 blocks received in the last 4 hours (96 expected)"

Anyone help me out with this?

That seems to show that you aren't connecting to any nodes.

What do you have in your config file ?

You have no connections to internet. Why? Maybe Firewall.

I have an absolutely clean and new version of ubuntu, do not think it is firewall

not sure. a bunch of folders and a few documents...

I continue to have same issue too, despite clean ubuntu, decent memory, good internet connection, upgraded to beta 2 and still same message. Getting this for 3 days now after trying it many times and leaving it to mine. Thanks.

What @trolloniex is asking, is have you set up a conf file, as per this guide:

It's the file that tells your PC how it should mine.

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Thanks. In my case this file does exist, including with additions of gen=1 and genproclimit=numberofcores, still same result as whitekey. Thanks everyone for your time and help.

I have solved it .... if you have fresh installation like me

just install anaconda ... there are some packages that are essential like python which are not installed
delete testnet3
recompile again


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I too have solved it, or think I have. It now says I have 5 connections and gives me this:

"errors" : "This is a pre-release test build - use at your own risk - do not use for mining or merchant applications"

Which I believe is correct. Apparently I was using an old testnet from a guide on cryptocompare. They have since updated it, gut I just followed the guide on github instead.



not sure about anaconda, but if I have other issues I will look into it. Thx all!

That's great! I did the same yesterday and getting the same message as you do - testnet....... Nothing in account balance so far after around 24 hours of running, but one of the posts on this forum says that it could take a few days for the first coin (or fraction thereof) to show up in wallet balance....fingers crossed. One more thing (for the avoidance of doubt please): even after deleting testnet3 and freshly installing beta2, a testnet3 folder still shows up in the .zcashconf file - is that normal? Thanks.

Left mine running all night and now have a balance of 3.5 coins!!

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