Event to receive information about payment on address


Now I have check every second my address if any money has come on my address.
Is there any event (in Zcash API Payment) to inform me about payment on my address ?

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I’m not positive, but z_listreceivedbyaddress seems like what you want: Zcash Payment API — Zcash Documentation 5.2.0 documentation

You can use ‘walletnotify’ in your zcash.conf to call a script - it gets called when a payment is received and again when it gets the first confirmation.


Could you please give an example for the walletnotify in zcash.conf

Sure, here y’go, this is what you add to your config :-

walletnotify=/full/path/to/script %s

Its basically the same as Bitcoin, the script gets called and the transaction id is passed as an argument.

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Thanks a lot, it works, thanks