EWBF's NVidia CUDA Zcash miner 1060 - 170 h/s gtx 1070 - 250 h/s

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hi jon. I have the same error. Did you solve this problem? thks


A quick update for MSI GTX 1050 TI X Gamming 4GB GPU.
I made a test with one card on a MSI Z270 motherboard and I’m getting 170 Sol/s stable at stock settings.
Oscillation is ~168-175 Sol/s.

Maybe this info helps somebody.

Thank you. And i managed to fix my low sol/s problem with updating my Win 10 to the latest 1703 version.

Indeed that’s my config too. And now 1050 ti is your GPU1 right?
What kind of card do you have for GPU0?


Yes, GPU1 is 1050 Ti. GPU0 is a Asus Gtx 1070 Strix with Samsung memory running at 85% power with +125 mem, +790 core and would run close to 500sol/s with 100% power/TDP.

Thanks for info.
Is 8 GB, and 256-bit ?

Hi, how do I open the same statistics as you do in the screenshot? Tell me please.

I needed to add enforced Ventillation on the cards because unless the upper inhales the preheated air from the middle and the middle from the lowest so this would be a thermal disaster

Yes, the 1070 is 8gb and 256bit

Has anyone encoundered such an error or has any advice what should i do? The rig ran stable for a week and now i’m getting at first this error code 4 (not 46). The other rig doesn’t get that error.

GPU0: 459 Sol/s GPU1: 444 Sol/s GPU2: 478 Sol/s
Total speed: 1381 Sol/s
CUDA: Device: 2 Thread exited with code: 4
CUDA: Device: 1 Thread exited with code: 4
CUDA: Device: 0 Thread exited with code: 4
ERROR: Looks like GPU2 are stopped. Restart attempt.
INFO: GPU2 are restarted.
CUDA: Device: 2 User selected solver: 0
CUDA: Device: 2 Thread exited with code: 46
ERROR: Looks like GPU0 are stopped. Restart attempt.
INFO: GPU0 are restarted.
ERROR: Looks like GPU1 are stopped. Restart attempt.
INFO: GPU1 are restarted.
CUDA: Device: 1 User selected solver: 0
CUDA: Device: 0 User selected solver: 0
CUDA: Device: 1 Thread exited with code: 46
CUDA: Device: 0 Thread exited with code: 46
Temp: GPU0 53C GPU1 60C GPU2 46C
GPU0: 0 Sol/s GPU1: 0 Sol/s GPU2: 0 Sol/s

is it worth to get more sols but less sols/perwatt?

example. i have an asus 1070 strix. i can manage to get ~+490 sols. but the sol/perwatt is 2.9
if i dont do the extreme OC i can get 450sol/s with 3.5 sol/perwatt…

what is worth more?

This really depends on your price of electricity and your preference. Some people would rather pay less electricity and see a slight decrease in Sol/s while others would prefer to get the most Sol/s possible regardless of electricity cost.

dunno if anyone else done it. i just flashed my asus 1070 strix non-oc with the OC BIOS. testing sol’s… will post back
i have 2 of them connected atm. one is with the oc bios on the stock non oc.

will post back.

ok so i dont really think its worth it. 1st pic in the asus tweak is the settings with the OC BIOS. if try to get the core clock 1950 the drivers crash.
but i notice at gpu-z that the one on the left(OC bios) have significant more voltage. that should open up more speed or something… dunno… any advice is welcome. i am just testing those cards waiting for my risers so i can connect the rest 4.
also can someone explain to me why the gpu-z windows looks different? the one on the left dont have the same stuff as the one on the right…

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Hello, help me please. What do you enter in the bat file, because this ( page dont work for me ?

This is what your BAT file should have:

miner.exe --server us1-zcash.flypool.org --user t1N858HfYfr3WZLnyML7bfk49xcvCbGunQ3.meem01 --pass x --port 3333 --api

Then, go to your web brower and place the address:

It will work!

I already figured it out, but thanks.
Can you know how api works? How can I change page For example, I want to add a fan speed, is this possible?

No idea about that, the miner does not seem to get the fan speed anyway…

@n0g1291 is the developer for this mining software… can you please let us know if possible to do this? That is, to modify the API to include additional variables like the fan speed ?

I’m not the developer, just the postman

dev link: EWBF's CUDA Zcash miner