EWBF's NVidia CUDA Zcash miner 1060 - 170 h/s gtx 1070 - 250 h/s

I've found the miner here :

Looks like we got a fast Nvidia miner finally :


Bat file for suprnova :

miner.exe --server zec.suprnova.cc --user suprnova.1 --pass x --port 2142 --cuda_devices 0 1 2 3

Make sure you check for viruses, it's closed source and not from me


Lol that was fast, i just asked if it was there in the thread and you posted it right away :stuck_out_tongue:
edit the title to something more appropriate like:

"EWBF's NVidia CUDA Zcash minerg 1060 - 170 h/s gtx 1070 - 250 h/s"

you shuld have copied the original post at least... seems like you were in a bit of a rush...
i was waiting for the actual dev to post it........

EWBF's CUDA Zcash miner
Today at 11:53:30 AM

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New zcash cuda miner. windows x64
Writen for pascal gpus but works on cards with at least 1Gb memory, and Compute Capability 3 and higher.
Expected speed on stock settings.
gtx 1060 - 170 h/s
gtx 1070 - 250 h/s
Unfortunately i do not have older cards to tests.
Miner contain dev fee 2%.
I will support a miner if people will be interested in it.
Sorry for my bad english Sad



I did not want to post direct links to the files here as the dev decided to post on bitcointalk.org, so I assumed best would be to just link to the official ann

oh ok, well good stuff on editing the title.
ill let him decide on the links, if he wants them removed he can post a message in the BTT thread
maybe take out the (g) after miner
i dunno how i copied minerg, should be miner

The links are tied to the current version, he'll change them for sure


for now they will work :slight_smile:

i keep getting an error though

init error code -7

Ask over at bitcointalk :slight_smile:

yeah i am :slight_smile: awaiting a reply, wonder if its drivers or what
i did have amd cards running on this rig, though i ddu'ed them off and instaled nvidia drivers

cannot connect to the pool with Bat file for suprnova :

miner.exe --server zec.suprnova.cc --user suprnova.1 --pass x --port 2142 --cuda_devices 0 1 2 3

Hmm it's working perfectly fine here... Maybe try:

miner.exe --server zec-eu.suprnova.cc --user suprnova.1 --pass x --port 2142 --cuda_devices 0 1 2 3

Here from pastebin:

How is 1050 doin for rates?

Would this work on an Asus GT950 strix ore is that card a lost cause. Cheers

340 Sols on Titan X Pascal

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1080 - 319 sols
1050ti - 114 sols

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you have the server name wrong. It is not "zec.suprnova.cc"

It should have be:

GTX 970 - 170 sols :grinning:


Nice nice nice. That's what I'm talking about. Go green team

Doing 200 sol/s on a GTX 980. This is amazing.

Good job. DEV

First rig
GTX750 2Gb on PCI-Ex16 (+220 GPU) - 62 sol - t = 69C
GTX750 2Gb on PCI-Ex1 (+220 GPU) - 61 sol - t = 66C
GTX750Ti 2Gb on PCI-Ex1 (+215 GPU) - 56 sol - t = 60C

Second rig
GTX1060 3Gb on PCI-Ex16 (+400 GPU) - 172 sol - t = 82C
GTX750Ti 1Gb on PCI-Ex8 (+260 GPU) - 63 sol - t = 58C

GPU Load and Power no stable.