Flexa SDK integration

Flexa is offering a SDK for connecting third party wallets to their platform.


  • it is an easy way to gain access to a network a retailers that accept crypto
  • it is a quick payment solution
  • it gives exposure to zcash

It is not self custody. Your funds are kept by Flexa.

Considering this, would you be interested in Ywallet adding Flexa spend?

  • Yes
  • No

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Could you paint a picture of what the UX would be for Ywallet x Flexa?

Two apps needed on phone (Ywallet and Flexa), and you can send user determined amounts of zec from user’s Ywallet to user’s Flexa account (but with the zec in the Flexa account being controlled by Flexa) then one can use Flexa like normal at point of service?

I guess my real question is, what would be different than today where one can send zec to Flexa account from Ywallet?


Ywallet would have the flexa account integrated and you wouldn’t need to use another app.

The SDK is in early access and this may change.

Edit: btw, I am a No because self custody is #1 in my book. However if there is a lot of demand, we could work out a UI that clearly separate the flexa account.


Very interesting. I’d say yes. The pros of making zec more spendable outweigh the cons of Flexa’s custody as long as the custody situation is made clear to the user when loading the Flexa account.


While being a self custody guy like hahn, I love having options. If this can be integrated where funds are only sent from a shielded address, I think it would be neat. I have used the SPEDN app which I believe uses the same technology. It should be noted that once funds are sent over they are intended to be spent and so you wont be able to withdraw them. So, if we can communicate the expectations clearly, and it can be integrated cheaply and safely, it’s a yes from me. :owl:

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For the sake of performance I’d vote just keep them separate

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I like Flexa. Many people use Zcash in the SPEDN app because Zcash has low fees.

SPEDN supports Zcash (and many other coins) already so I dont really see how this gives greater exposure to Zcash, although integrating it into Ywallet will make it easier for anyone that only spends Zcash.

I would rather not, especially mixing self-custody and non-SC Zcash in one app. But if there is high demand for it and if the UI clearly separates the two parts of the wallet (plus a toggle off button in the settings) I would support it.

I would say just have a different page for all Flexa-related and this part of the app is hidden and inactive by default. If user wants to activate it, they would then have to agree to Flexa ToS (probably sign up to Flexa?) and understand risks involved.

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I like Flexa and use it a lot. It has some rough edges that I assume will be smoothed out over time. For example, it takes a few clicks and about 5-10 seconds before you get to a barcode. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you are in a busy store and a cashier is expecting payment, its best if it works instantly. Is there anything you can add that would improve the UX?


No idea. The flexa team hasn’t replied to my request for info and their API is private.

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Hey I am new to commenting under this handle. And I know transitioning from one handle to another is maybe not common.

I want to comply with the Forum’s rules, but I also hope to use a handle less conspicuous than what I had before. I tried to make it clear to the community in other avenues of communication who I am. Glad to share more about me and my role in our community if you want to email me directly at zydeco@tutamail.com. And if you are able, would help if you try to not share details about me in our discussions on the forum, thanks in advance for that.

Anyway much respect for Hahn’s work, for Nighthawk and its great implementation with Sideshift, Love Flexa/AMP/SPEDN in its own right and have used it to spend ZEC.

Flexa is a natural implementation to think about.

In some ways it is similar to Cake Wallet’s gift card implementation. Their design allows purchase of Monero within Cake p2p, then convert Monero to gift card for fiat off ramp. Without bringing in the baggage of what we think about Monero, ease of crypto to fiat on and off ramps are essential in the transition between now, and the ideal of a purely z-address shielded transaction economy we hope for in the future.

Right now SPEDN app does a very light touch KYC that I imagine will only grow more precise with time. Will Flexa require that for the any in-wallet implementation? One potential consideration.

But when in doubt, I think the bias should be toward growth. We need to grow usage, even for non-shielded.

Long term the goal is nearly all shielded use. But for now, getting any ZEC usage is essential.

It’s easier to transition an experienced transparent ZEC user toward shielded, than it is to bring normies into purely shielded ZEC cold. Any way that we expand usage is important and essential.