Free2ℤ: What's your 𝑧?

Hey @aiyadt, sounds good. @birdify and I are going to try to update this weekend. What are the logistics of updating the proposal? Should we just update via the “submittable” interface? I requested permission to edit there. Should we also update the OP here or try to paste the new proposal in a comment?

  1. Legal Budget

@birdify and I have talked about adding $30,000 to the proposal for a top-tier Silicon Valley law firm for bootstrapping and ongoing retainer for small things that might come up - hopefully this will last a couple of years or more. This would bring the total for the proposal to $153,000.

For the contingency fund, we are talking about asking for $100,000. This would mostly be a show of force to deter any trolls and let people know we are serious. We are committed to running Free2z in a legal and compliant way with a strong foundation from a top-tier law firm - following their advice closely. So, we don’t anticipate ever having to tap into the contingency fund. Do you and the other committee members think these numbers are reasonable? It’s our belief that committing to a strong legal basis upfront will be cheaper in the long run than trying to skimp on the legal foundations.

$123,000 + $30,000 = $153,000 total proposal
$100,000 legal contingency, hopefully never tapped.

  1. Security Audit

I’d be happy to help with the security audit RFP. We are actually qualified to provide such services ourselves and I would be happy to donate my time to help form standards and help audit future similar grantees.

Thanks for the input and feedback!


I support Free2z in its entirety. I even have my own page on it. This is the type of grants I love. Utility + Privacy. This is such an awesome idea. I want it to be as big as Gofundme, Patreon, and Substack combined. @skyl has already delivered a MVP or rather a VP.

I hope this grant gets approved.


I think this grant request should be approved ASAP.


I think that too! Bigger than Gofundme and other services!


This product is already changing peoples lives for the better, approve approve approve!!


100000% Like literally helping pay for medical procedures.


Hey, Zpeople!

Now we have a guide, a FAQ zPage.

Please, read it and use.

I hope it will be useful for everyone. This is a way to support this great initiative that is Free2z.


Noting here that we are amending the proposal after feedback from the ZF and the ZCG committee.

Instead of adding $30,000 for initial legal expenses and formation documents, we will keep the original dollar amounts and milestones how they are - $123,000 total including $5,000 for legal services. With this $5,000 we will form a legal entity in the US and start a relationship with a respectable law firm. For legal and accounting expenses beyond this initial $5,000, we will request that the ZF reserve $100,000 for further legal and compliance expenses. Free2z will draw on this reserve on an itemized basis, as necessary.

Arranging the funding in this way will allow Free2z to establish on solid legal foundations while maintaining the necessary separation from the ZF and ZCG.


Hi im new. Is it possible to restore all my z address wallet in zecwallet lite desktop just using seed phrase without private key

Probably start a new thread in “Tech Support” topic

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I did no one care

Hello @skyl & Zcash Community, I am happy to announce that @ZcashGrants has unanimously voted to approve this grant!

Skyler I have opened up your Grant application for editing on the Submittable platform for you to make the required update to your grant with the approved changes you discussed with ZCG, and then I will approve on the admin side when completed.

Other notes from ZCG decisions: The legal retainer can be used for the following expenses:

  1. Entity setup 2) Legal advice around content and 3) Regulatory considerations.
  • Legal invoices shall be submitted to ZF for reimbursement.

Regarding the security audit; “you should first implement the best security practices and provide codebase access to an external auditor and then work on fixing items that have been identified.”


This is so exciting! We are so thrilled to see such strong support from ZF and the Zcash community!

I just had one question about the legal retainer. Most professionals and services require payment up front by card or check, so the requirement to invoice ZF directly is a little tricky. It would be much easier if we could pay for services and then submit invoices to ZF to get reimbursed after the fact. Does that work?


Yes that works, I have edited the above post to reflect this change.

“Legal invoices shall be submitted to ZF for reimbursement.”


@decentralistdan Perfect, thanks!


The Free2z team would like to announce that Milestone 1 has been completed. We have been blown away by the support and enthusiasm of the Zcash community for Free2z. With this milestone now complete, Free2z users are now able to:

  • create a Free2z account and login without sharing private information
  • Make unlimited zPages and fund them with any popular Zcash wallet
  • Reference documentation and video tutorials on common actions

Free2z is in active development and we welcome any and all suggestions for improvements! Feel free to open issues on our Github page. Thanks and we are grateful for your continued support!


:clap::clap::clap::clap: Que sigan las mejoras en Free2z.

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Hello Zcash community and Free2z users, we are thrilled to announce some more great news!
The Free2z team has completed milestone 2!

Free2z users can now:

  • Format their content using Markdown directives
  • Format content using a WYSIWYG editor with formatting bar
  • Add rich content to page including links to videos, sounds, images, etc
  • We support embedding from all major social media platforms including:
    • Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc
  • Handle embedding documents from storage platforms like:
    • Dropbox
    • Google Drive
  • Add a powerful search tool
  • Add scientific and mathematical formulas
  • Add comments to pages
    • Has Zcash powered spam protection!
  • Adds sorting by categories

The community support shown for Free2z at Zcon3 was amazing and we are excited to continue development on this project!!! As always more suggestions and feature requests are always welcome on our Github issue tracker.


Free2z has it’s own markdown that includes embeds and \LaTeX :wink: Soon we will add more features like payment-URI directives, inline graph rendering, proper footnotes … and other things I’ve always wanted :smiley:


I have a million feature requests…

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