FROST Overview Presentation

Blockchain Commons had a presentation on FROST today as part of our April Developer Meeting:

We talked just a little bit about Zcash’s leadership position on FROST. More importantly if you’re not familiar with FROST, which is now accessible through ZF FROST (, it’s a great overview on what FROST is and why it’s advantageous.

We hope you’ll be interested in some of our other topics, but if you want to jump straight to the presentation, it’s at 17:13 or 3142s (and linked from the description of the video).

Hope it’s of use to folks!

We’d love to have more Zcash folks at our developer meetings, which are the first Wednesday of our month. You can sign up for our announcements-only list or our Signal group to be notified of the topics and link each month:

Next month our main topics will be PayJoin v2 and the advantages of a Request/Response system for more complex digital-asset use cases.


Thank you for Sharing this! I feel FROST is getting some attention from the Blockchain community academic and non-academic as well!.

Last week I found out that some R&D group wrapped FROST and created ROAST! Which is Robust FROST.

pretty cool!

congrats to @chelseakomlo @conradoplg and all the engineering team at ZF.


We talked a bit about ROAST too. It’s back in the Q&A section. Here are my brief notes from my summary: