Fun and FOSSy Zcash Party - Fri, 1/29

Hey team!

The community has spoken - let’s give some FOSS conferencing tools a go. Join me Friday, Jan 28 at 1pm ET to test out BigBlueButton and Jitsi. We’ll spend 30 mins on BBB then hop over to Jitsi for 30 mins.

Here is all the info you need:

Date/Time: Friday, Jan 29 at 1pm ET

Room Links

Discussion Topics

  • Ways to make Jitsi easier to use for community calls
  • Encouraging community members to host their own meetings/ get togethers
  • Figuring out what resources people need to outreach effectively
  • Chat and socialize about Zcash and other favorite FOSS projects
  • FOSS projects that could accept Zcash as donations
  • Whatever people want to talk about!

Great news! I think it is great that we are testing multiple FOSS alternatives on the same day!

Just a reminder to the many FOSS supporters in the forum. Please try to promote the change you would like to see in the world. Strong attendance at the call this week will encourage future meeting accessibility for a key Zcash demographic.

Thank you @elenita for making this happen


Nice!! :slight_smile:

Will try Jitsi for Android over 3G while climbing a tree (bad signal here).



Whoops - also Friday is the 29th not the 28th

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starting now!

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Im at werk :slightly_frowning_face:, have extra fun for me!

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