Future Funding And The History Of Open Source

Hey all, my name is Ben. While I’m not an active member of the Zcash community, I am a fan of the project, and a di minimis holder of ZEC.

I wanted to share something I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I hope will be salient to the community’s discussion on dev funding. You can find it here:

Here’s the TL;DR: for those of us who were idealistic supporters of the early FOSS movement, the current challenges most decentralized cryptonetworks are facing around funding seem eerily familiar. And not in a good way. Given that Zcash already has a social norm around protocol-level development funding, I recommend you keep it intact.

Thanks for you time!


You say “Social norm around protocol-level dev. funding” but it does not exist.

However there is “Social contract” that tax ends after 4 years. See project blog posts and Zcash code. It is what will happen. So this is the real social norm, but some people want to change it.

Linux is a success. Why? Because the community volunteered money and manpower to build ecosystem and help development.

Not ideology. Not tax.

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I did listen to your interview at Pomp’s podcast a couple of weeks ago. Very interesting! :+1:

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