Future of Zcash mining (circa 2019 and 2020)


Gamers! During their off-time, I bet they would love to mine. Plus, GPU has a natural use case - if it does get exploited, it will lead to a VR space race. Double-win for gamers!


Love the energy, won’t work, but I enjoyed this input ^^


exactly what aniemerg said.


If the proof of research like system described above were ascribed and the PoW for solving discrete logs described in the pdf above to replace equihash (though it kinda doesnt totally replace it does it), there would be not many devices AT ALL that could not earn Zcash
Chain 1 is driven by all kinds of asics and chain 2 by everything else just about (32 bit 'n all)
(Yea its a double negative whatever)


Ok NU4 it is, 20characters