The Near Future of Zcash

I’m really excited about this plan!

Our development team (Team - Electric Coin Company - Electric Coin Company) is extremely skilled, engaged, and they are working very well together as a cohesive team. Now that we’ve given them these goals, I expect to see great work.


You mentioned the Sappling Upgrade could allow for improvements and features such as user issued assets, so you left something hidden there. There’s more :stuck_out_tongue: could you give examples of some other features/improvements it would allow, even if they’re not a priority right now?

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There’s a label on our issue tracker for features and ideas that would affect the zk-SNARK circuit (in nearly all cases requiring a circuit change):

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Very good news, happy with the work of zcash’s team :smiley:

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Hey!?! Wait! Please? I’m not yet ready… Not even nearly… I am zcash poor… Actually I am ashamed to say that I am Zcash destitute… All I have is the deposit slips so far ( the wallet =P)… As I am only just 3 months orso (almost the same as the Zcash release on the public market :‘’(…) into the forex community I haven’t yet managed to build any sort of a portfolio to use to get any Zcash… So please… Wait…slow down so I might catch up? Also… Is it just me, coincidence, or is the value of Zcash somehow linked to Dash? ~_^