Future of Zcash

I agree with @zydeco1 in that programmability is important for the future of zcash, bitcoin was a completely stale blockchain until recently with the wave of ordinals, therefore zcash should strive for more than to be a better version of bitcoin, as that won’t cut it in terms of getting people engaged. I imagine it would allow for easier blockchain interoperability

Having a look around at other projects token allocations, it’s not unusual to see 50% of the total supply allocated to development, so I would also like to see an increase in the development reward, the trade off in POW is how much hash power are you willing to sacrifice to get that income and what happens when POS is built…

If I had my way I would

  • Increase the dev fund to x% (after consideration to security etc)
  • Re-jig the ZCG scheme, turn it more of a fund manager of the entire dev fund, but still allow outsiders to apply for funding of ideas, possibly with a mandate of this body to use between 50% - 80% of the treasury per year (saving some ZEC for the transition to POS)
  • Create a 2 or 3 extra development teams outside of the US
  • Ramp up development of POS and programmability
  • Create Zcash DAO
  • Let stake holders determine what is important and vote on outcomes of where funding is spent