Gardening Club - Nov 3rd

Hello Zcashers,

The Zcash Gardening Club is next week, Tuesday, November 3rd, 1 pm EST. Register here .

We have 5 slots available for presenters and 30 mins for discussion. We prioritize presenters who signed up last time and didn’t speak yet, then we prioritize new speakers. If you would like to present as a speaker, please comment in this thread.

This week, ECC and Gitcoin announced Zcash Gitcoin Grants Round 1. If you are planning to post a grant or if you have questions, this would be a great call to join.

The Zcash Gardening Club is a monthly meeting to discuss how to make Zcash open source projects grow. Zcash Gardening Club is on the first Tuesday of each month, at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST. The format for the call is round-robin where each presenter has a 5 minute slot to give an update on their project. Learn more here. Anyone is welcome to join, provided you agree to follow our code of conduct .


I’d be happy to present again, but yes, priority should go to those who already have!

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