Gcash/Greencash, a fork of Zcash for the nation of Greenway

I was wondering about the practicality of using Zcash as one of the primary currencies for the nation of Greenway Operation Greenway, and specifically, to work on a fork of Zcash called Gcash/Greencash that has a wallet that can double as a miner and works on Windows/macOSX/Linux/windows_phone/iOS/Android, paper wallet generator built into wallet, support for paying taxes (perhaps an automatic taxation payment integrated into the source-code) including changes in taxation percentage, auditing/logging support (to check for tax evasion), support for “smart contracts” like Ethereum, support for TOR and I2P built in to the wallet and miner, support for wallet encryption, support for scaling to large transaction volumes and fast transaction speed, need to remove trusted setup, quantum computer resistance.

In Greenway, the treasury is fully reserved in silver, copper, cannabis, and Gcash/Greencash. We need some developers for Operation Greenway to realize this currency system.

The source code for Gcash/Greencash will be hosted on GitHub, the Greenway open source project website, and on the Department of Treasury’s website, when Greenway is finally started.

We need mathematicians, cryptographers, and developers/coders working on Gcash/Greencash

Please get involved with the project if you are interested, we have a chatroom on discord.

‘Citizen’ is a legal term that means something like someone that owes a duty of allegiance in return for a reciprocal duty of protection.

Now, let’s say that people get free from the shackles of that arrangement placed on them from the existing mafia-esque organisation doing business as ‘USA’, where’s the sense in jumping straight into another abusive relationship of that type?

It is the best type of system we have got to deal with the types of things that would usually be handles by the local tribe or clan. I think the advantages of establishing a “state” are above anarchy, whose system really becomes a question of how will we attain the same things that we get from government through anarchy wich is attained through free market capitalism (I.e. paying for private “law enforcement”, paying a private healthcare provider with no option of public healthcare, paying for use of private roads, etc…).

How do you get public anything without holding a gun to everyone’s head to force them to pay?

You don’t actually have a gun being wielded against you unless you violate the principle of mutual non-aggression, and using a gun is necessary for self-defense.

I take your statement as being akin to another statement, “Taxation is theft”

Society, or the state, is entitled to some of your earnings since you have duties to society/the state. Withholding your taxes would amount to you keeping something to which others (the state, others in society, etc.) are entitled, making you the thief.

I deny that taxation is, as a matter of our moral phenomenology, the same as theft. For instance, when someone steals from us, we react in certain ways and expect others to react in certain ways. When we are taxed, we don’t have the same kind of reaction. That doesn’t necessarily entail that taxation is justified; however, it is a denial of the claim that “taxation is theft” per se.

Oh please… There’s nothing moral about the way the obligation of allegiance and from it the ‘legitimate’ right to compel payment is created. What you’re going on about is social contract theory - which is a load of bunk.