Give Bitcoin mixers the boot?

people have been making claims like this for years. i’ll believe it when it’s deployed

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[Garethtdavies] posted a similiar article concerning CTs and how the compare to zcash, essentially its a snark function with the main selling point as that doesnt require a trusted setup and (pre-sapling) faster. Im not sure if they’re comparable, its in the general category-

Confidential Transactions on Bitcoin and the soundness of the currency

The trusted setup, I believe, is the key (the very thing this other tech omits) and the powers of tau is about as trustless a trusted setup as it gets, btc is evolving into some kind of an investment platform where the amount transacted isnt what will be needed to be hidden anyways but the parties involved, its a great tool (those guys at Stanford are brainy) and will widely implemented, I think if it had been implemented in the beginning of btc’s life, it’d be a different cryptocurrency story, heres the technical paper link, its a pdf download, plus a few others