Good blockchain governance is at least a decade away

This is a really good blog post:

It makes me think: How can we make the Zcash blockchain and the Zcash coins be part of the future governance protocol a hundred years from now?

It also makes me think: what if I were talking to an “immutabilist” who thought that the consensus rules should never be changed after a coin launched? But I thought that new ideas learned after the initial launch of the coin should be used. Then I might say to that person, Okay, the consensus rules of the original coin are immutable. But, after four years, let’s make a new coin with mostly the same rules as the original coin, but some differences, and let’s begin its life by airdropping the new coin to the owners of the previous coin. And then we could do this every four years, integrating new ideas that we’ve learned since the last time.


What if we did A Future Friendly Fork, not every four years, but every month? What if we did it every block?


I’ve been thinking about this and I believe the best future path is to plan for obsolescence. Forking is not a cost-free endeavor, as participants have to begin using the two paths - or not. One possibility to reduce pain and risk is to intentionally fork annually, on New Coin, err, Year’s Day (at a designated block number, adjustable to try to hit a target timestamp), and call the new coin Zcash-NewYearNumber (ex. Zcash2018) , and per the trademark control of the Foundation, allow the current year to be aliased as Zcash. Insert the new technology into the new coin. Having a specified date lets people plan, and argue about maturity, and test, test, test. Most people will likely only use the most recent version, but anyone is still free to use the old version. Build into the protocol both chains for the coming year. If you use the coin on one chain, it disappears from the other chain. Any untouched coins remaining in, for example, Zcash2017, when Zcash2019 becomes live, will become Zcash2018 coins, and disappear from Zcash2017 - used coins in either blockchain remain there. This lets people have a year to choose, or their coins become the Foundation approved chain if they don’t.

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Good governance can only come from the self-governed, maybe a reason why the world’s in the state that it is! The idea of good governance coming from a group largely comprised of anarchist seems slightly oxymoronic. Once Zcash community members realize that there personal decisions to make the right choice carries more weight than they think, then they’ll be in a better position to make governing decisions that affect the rest of the community’s future. That comes with maturity, with time. You can’t fake it and you can only speed it up so much.
A decade sounds right. The slow way is the safe way. (Sorry no real help)


:slight_smile: I love this proposal. Have you seen ?

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Is this what you were talking about in the seminar about the non backwards compatibility/forward spending of older version coins?

re: Apparent conflict of anarchy and governance - I had the same issue when I was introduced to Dash, which has its own solution to governance that results in achieving comparatively rapid consensus. What I came to realise is that there’s a subtle but significant difference between government and governance - that being the lack of coercion.

What’s more, being that this is all open source, it doesn’t even take an almost-majority to split off and do their own thing - even a single individual can fork the code and / or even the blockchain and go their own way to crypto utopia.

So, as small as that lack of coercion difference might be, it creates a night and day difference between government (do as we say or else) and governance (consensus decision making with no penalty for disassociation).

I did read that - achieving that coveted “persistent-non-schism” is of course the challenge. It’s part of my thought about why, other than zero-day fixes, that forks should be regular and scheduled but not too often. For something as important as a cryptocurrency annual seems good. People need time to accept the awesomeness of the new, and forkers need time to see what received good reception and what didn’t.

This should probably go in “foundation” too

And this

@zooko “Okay, the consensus rules of the original coin are immutable. But, after four years, let’s make a new coin“

believe the original zcash should be treated as money. think it might be cool to eventually have a new coin that’s more like a currency. be really neat if one day we could have stable ZEC currency units

This looks interesting, its a linux foundation webinar concerning governance of open source community driven projects @zooko
Scheduled for May 30, 10AM Pacific Daylight time
Edit- here’s the webinar
Its the Linux foundation’s sort of best practices or what they consider to be concerning open source Community projects with them but there are some use case scenarios, it was interesting anyways,
I’m sorry the links are so big and kind of sketchy looking! (You might like this @sonya) (though not limited to!)


Here’s another one coming up about the gdpr and Blockchain security, the governance one is there too

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Ooh this looks interesting, thank you!