Grant Idea - Integrating Zondax Ledger App to Desktop App


It is true that the ECC team has been focused on NU5. It’s the most significant technical upgrade in Zcash history and it’s super important we get it right. I want the wallet live as much as you!

That said, the Ledger issue could be solved by anyone with a wallet who wants to make the integration a priority. Although it’s not performant - I think it takes several minutes to create a proof and I’m not sure if they are still optimizing it - I think it could be integrated into Zecwallet, or maybe even a mobile wallet like Nighthawk or Unstoppable via Bluetooth (not entirely sure). Maybe you can ask them about prioritizing it?

We did speak with Ledger about Ledger Live and there is a process. I believe Zondax knows the Ledger team well and should be able to speak to the process for getting it supported natively within the Ledger Live app.