Grant Idea to help gain adoption and PR

What if we allocated some money/Zcash to open a Zcash grocery stores in those countries with failing currencies? (As long as someone won’t go to prison for it - would need to research laws, but thinking Venezuela as an example since a lot of their stores have empty shelves)

The store could accept Zcash or work for food (work that would benefit the community), but not fiat or other crypto. This would help solidify loyalty from those in the area - similar to Coca Cola and soldiers during WW2. By accepting Zcash and having a consistent supply of food, locals will move toward Zcash adoption. By accepting work for food, you would help drive community improvements and therefore others to the area. I believe they would view Zcash as their savior in a way, and Zcash would win their long term loyalty. Those that can’t afford to convert to Zcash at the time, but are willing to work, will have extreme long term loyalty toward Zcash moving into the future as well.

This probably wouldn’t make any profit on the store side of things (at least for a while), but I’m sure the PR and local loyalty would pay off really well in the long run for Zcash holders, and it would show that Zcash is willing to do the right thing to help those around the world (securing a positive long term brand image)

Dash might be upping marketing efforts in those areas where currencies are failing, but locals wouldn’t forget what Zcash did for their community in a time of need. You could rinse and repeat to help grow adoption, and really help build a new economy when people are looking for a system to trust. (Assuming the areas of need have the ability to use the currency, i.e. smart phones) As other currencies fall, citizens would flock to Zcash as it would be the only currency doing something like this (to my knowledge), and being a first mover would help solidify the position and long term reputation.

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