[Grant Update] Zcash Shielded Assets Monthly Updates

Dear Zcash community,

We have exciting news that we would love to share with all of you! As you know, there was a recent strategic change of moving from zcashd to zebra for the core protocol for Zcash. For the ZSA project, this means we are now working closely with both the Zcash Foundation engineering team and the ECC team to make this transition a success.

As we mentioned in a recent Arborist call, to deliver ZSA along with NU6, we have proactively started to work on zebra:

  1. QEDIT is re-implementing the full ZSA functionality in zebra (and stopping zcashd).
  2. QEDIT is developing non-ZSA transaction testing functionality that is currently missing in zebra.

For this, we had to update the project milestones as follows:

  1. We have finished ZSA on zcashd (grant 1 / milestone #9):
    1. Our milestone was “Node Wallet State Implementation on Zcashd” (Link)
    2. We delivered this milestone for zcashd and used it for the ZSA demo at Zcon4 (Link)
    3. There was little work left to merge the code, but we stopped working on zcashd.
  2. We are implementing ZSA for Zebra using funds from grant 2 / milestone #2:
    1. This milestone is now “ZSA Transaction Testing on Zebra”
    2. The original deliverable was “Testnet ZSA Block Explorer support” (Link)
    3. We have dropped this for now and are instead replicating milestone #9 above, but for zebra.
  3. The Fees implementation (grant 1 / milestone #8) is contingent on building missing pieces in Zebra:
    1. We are updating this milestone to be the delivery of all the non-ZSA transaction functionality development.
    2. The affected deliverable is the “Fees Structure Implementation PR” (Link)

We are working within the amounts that have been approved by the ZCG in our grants in order to meet the moving target of getting ZSAs out into the ecosystem rather than increasing the funding.

The QEDIT Team.