Grayscale Zcash Trust now on OTC Markets

The world’s largest digital currency asset manager - Grayscale has today announced that Grayscale® Zcash Trust has begun trading on the OTCQX® under the symbol ZCSH.


This is great for getting more retail investors exposure to ZEC


Great news for the Zcash ecosystem, more ways to acquire Zcash and on the path to a possible future ETF.

This project has been flying under the radar for a long time, I guess that suits a coin with a focus on privacy!


There doesn’t seem to be much interest for “$ZCSH”… even when NAV is discount.

Plus, there’s like one guy “BeerdHead” tweeting about it; and he’s all over the place and kind of smearing the product and price action recently. (Not a good look for Zcash).

So, just wondering, what is the deal with this fund? Seems like there are some monster asks (sellers) that post periodically, but where are the buyers?

Also, regarding POS and these funds, there needs to be clarity as to who will get the staking yield. The fund manager (Grayscale) or the ZCSH holder.

Let’s see what they do with ETHE for staking yield. It will be sensible. May be they remove fees! makes holding grayscale asset attractive for boomers

It’ll be interesting what they do.

The ZCSH order book is interesting too.
There has been a massive $870k sell order at $15.00 for a few days. So, I’m not expecting much upward price action anytime soon.

Reducing fees might spark some interest on the buy side though. We’ll see