H81 Pro BTC booting problem

i bought H81 Pro BTC. i am facing problem.
i already try to find out the error but no success. i try to use the minimum components.
like just simple board with 4 GB Ram.

this is the behaviour

1- No display at all…i am using VGA port from the MB, using Moniter.
2- Fan from Motherboard and power supply behave the same like
when i press the start Button…
both fan start for 1 second and off for 1 Second again start for 1 Second and off
then start runing for 5 Second then again off.

i am using the CPU G1840.

i have no idea where is the problem. i also search on the forum and try something like
remove the CPU and connected again but no success.
i also remove the RAM but still same result.
i also connect the both power connector ( ATX 12V Power and BIG connector)

Now may be the MB problem or CPU problem.
at the moment i have no speak.
any guide will be appricated.
thank you

Have you tried replacing the PSU?

i have 3 different PSU… but the result is same…

do a basic post test

which consists of cpu, psu and ram ONLY… if it doesn’t post (hear the beep(S)) then you have bad ram
if it posts then fails bad cpu or mobo, just because its new doesn’t mean it can’t be bad.

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Have you installed cpu correctly

Thank you all guys

problem is fixed.
this was relating to the RAM. i just change the RAM and now every thing is working perfectly.

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