Halvings and price Good market nowadays

A halving is the date when a blockchain halves the reward miners receive for solving blocks.

Arguably in july 2016 the most important historical halving has already happened leading to Bitcoins previous ATH in December of 2017!
(15 months of slow market activity pass)

In 2019 the litecoin halving was august 5th the price dropped from 130 to 80 from june and then continued dropping until march 2020 to 35, it then rose to prices 80 and higher and stayed there in the months following.

That is 7 months of high market activity until a price increase!

In 2020 on May 20th was the Bitcoin halving the price was 12000 in November of 2019 and it was listed as 8 or 9000 at the halving (google says 9000).

That is also 7 months of high market activity until a significant price that passed the previous ATH in December 2020!

The zcash halving was in November of 2020, the price has followed bitcoins raise of 5x by going up 2x only, and 7 months away is only 3 months away from now. There have been about 3 and a half months of high market activity since the last zcash halving. I think because zcash is slightly less active than bitcoin it might take longer for demand to properly affect its supply. I think the rise will be 3-6x!

If Zcash starts to gain parity with bitcoin, it stands to upwards of 40000% gains right n Its a good market for zcash. Happy to read thoughts

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Guys why is zcash not 60000 yet?

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Mainstream lack of awareness of information leakage via public chains.

Zcash would need to prove its worth by showcasing use cases as a differentiator. Until then, a decade old coin’s rhetoric will continue…