Has the ZCG RFP Idea Form yielded good ideas? has it been spammed?

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We’ve been considering an RFP idea form & bounty, and just discovered that zcash grants is doing this! I’m curious about how successful it’s been.


Hi @Gavin. The RFP Idea Form and Bounty was implemented earlier this year. So far, we’ve only received one submission for a community resource that the committee believed already existed. Assuming community members take advantage of it, I think over the long term it will be a value add to the grants program.


thank you! happen to know if the bounty well known in the community? is it advertised?

Generally speaking, we need to do a better job advertising our RFPs and the RFP Idea bounty. We’ve tossed some ideas around like sponsoring a podcast or posting RFPs to crypto job boards or similar websites. I’m not sure if the bounty is well known in the community. We wrote a forum post about the RFP Idea bounty, tweeted about it, and it’s also mentioned on our website, but it’s difficult to gauge how much attention it’s received. I believe there is more we need to do to get the word out. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!


I think ZCG should be more active on twitter and reddit and other social platforms (not facebook though, its dead) to promote RFPs and other activities. This forum is a silo and the reach is limited to only the people who hang around this place. I suggest taking a more active approach to promoting the RFPs.

The RFPs should also be added to the bottom of ZecHubs weekly newsletter…


This can be done :bulb: :fire:


i’m particularly interested in how zcash is thinking about meaningful real-world adoption.

  1. are there particular communities that are seeking private payment rails?
  2. thoughts on how users will best access zcash’s rails? eg. zcash-specific wallet vs zcash integrations (or something else

i looked at the grants that have gone out, and they don’t appear to be targeting these directly


@aquietinvestor now you have received a second one! I just submitted the form :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope we can get REST endpoints added to the LightwalletD. More details: Low hanging fruit: add REST endpoints to LightwalletD