Have ECC and Zcash foundation pay Exodus wallet to support z-adresses – in order to save Zcash

Hi, I’m a relatively new member on the forum but have been reading it since 2017.

I think most agree that measures needs to be taken fast in order to increase the popularity of Zcash. Times are dire for Zcash and all supporters should feel the urgency of the situation. To this end more or less radical ideas have been presented (remove t2t or depricate t-adresses, increase transaction cost for t-adresses and so forth).

Well, I have an idea that’s uncontroversial :slight_smile: Or rather, it should be uncontroversial: let’s just offer Exodus wallet a sum of money to include support for z-adresses. If they hesitate just offer more! I choose Exodus since it is the most popular multicoin wallet, but other wallets works as well.

When this is done we can hopefully leave the more or less radical proposals behind us.

Thank you for your time!

Consider the post below:

Continuing the discussion from How I Am Expanding Shielded Adoption


Where did I write something pessimistic? If I say that this will not happen due to objective reasons of lack of finance, then this is a real state of affairs and not pessimism, I am for the proposal, but let’s be realistic, I also wrote that all this palemic around T addresses and changes will break about the position of the trademark owner, this is you need to understand in advance, but it’s worth trying, but taking into account the circumstances, no one thought to find out the answer from the owner without advertising attention, and that’s it, it turns out that there will be a lot of irritated faces, which we see within 2 days. I predicted this in advance and said what is needed for success! You have a good idea, I have nothing against it, but what happens if neither the fund nor the ECC answers you? Nothing will happen, and no one can force it, so ideas must be realizable at least in theory. But if someone answers that he is ready to spend money on this idea, I will officially admit that I was mistaken!
Here I see only one way out, neither the company nor the fund have that kind of money and no one will take a loan for sure, it’s easier to just get all the money from the project that can be curtailed (this is a fact), and debts to the bank in case of failure are worse than finding new project. ZOMG is our exit, if they did not wait but worked out ideas on their own (I heard that it seems that they will start in February, but as I think starting work for 3 months is somehow late, but who is rushing them right?) I believe that only from this money something can be done while they are still worth something, let’s ask them, can they contact and get an answer that the community will support?

Profits in terms of price increase could measure in hundreds of millions of dollars for ECC and the foundation. But sure if you are “right” and no one is willing to take a risk then the project is dead (if that is your conclusion I have to ask why you spend your time here :slight_smile:).

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This is my choice and I am not a speculator. And I also believe in the idea behind zcash (it looks like one and a dozen people in the world).
And also I expect that everyone with whom I tried to argue will show me how wrong I was and then maybe my mission will end :slight_smile:
(Regarding the risks, have you seen at least once when there was a risk from the development and implementation teams? So I am not, which means why wait for something else now? I love facts and the ability to calculate and not live a fantasy that everything will turn out by itself)
I am aware of the profit, it could already be hundreds of millions if the project developed from the user’s point of view, now the commission from the block would be 10-20 times more in dollars due to the increase in the price of the coin and I would be wrong and the question of finance would be closed for a long time!
PS If you’re tired, tell me I’ll stop writing, it’s just that no one has demanded that I leave the forum, I don’t mind.

Facts are history while the future is still unwritten. Things can happen in a crisis that people didn’t think of before, a crisis opens up a “window of opportunity” for new directions.

So I’m all for it, but when someone can tell me what the plan for zcash’s success is, while I see that everything is so slow that the goal is not visible at all, and I also disagree with the decisions and thoughts of some people, on whom it basically depends the intensity of the development of the project, the last thing I remember is that 2021 will be a time of struggle for confidentiality for Zcash, but at the end of 2020, I see that 2021 will be an agony and struggle for survival, but the future is not written, you are right and I want good news!

When we spoke months back, they floated ~$1MM.

fwiw, I disagree that “Times are dire for Zcash.” I believe quite the opposite.


100% agree with you Josh. While everyone is entitled to their opinion and I deeply respect everyone’s opinion(s), I am tired of all of “the sky is falling” on this forum. I believe the Zcash sun is rising — albeit rising quietly and more slowly than most would like (me included), but it is and will continue to rise.


When do you think your faith in a good zec position will be seen in practice and what exactly will this vision be?
We have a similar conversation at the beginning of 2020, what has become better for the project over the year, besides the next expectations of improvements, did the listing, investment fund, wallets, waiting for HALO bring the desired result or does the result differ from expectations?
The fact that you constantly focus on the stock exchanges and this is, in your opinion, an achievement, how this achievement comes close to the goal of the project, I say nothing, you say (please answer). There was also a note on the coins in the protected pool, how this parameter approaches the goal, I say that the coins in percentage terms are decreasing well, or they simply do not grow from year to year, and they can simply be found and not move, which is as far from the goal of the project, by what parameters can you evaluate that your work bears positive results and the assessment is needed in 10-30 years, and preferably within a year.
I do not attack or criticize, I just want to understand what will happen if you are wrong, am I right? If you are right, then everything is fine and we will see it (tell me about when only), but if I am right, then we will not see it and this is bad.

After halving, zec inflation to other crypto projects was 200-500 percent, in 1.5 months zec fell in price and this fact can be counted by everyone (down to 46th place), what do you mean when you say that it rises but slowly? I can also give examples of successes, but what’s the use of citing them when the result is negative in the end, success should be reflected in a positive direction, and “we are working and changing the future” gets the same result as now, lagging behind in all respects.

Only 1 million dollars? Then I think it’s a good idea to pay ASAP and include it in your roadmap for 2021 (would do wonders for z-adress adaptation). ECC (and the fund) is a company whose sole existence depends on the performance of Zcash, and whose purpose is to increase the profits for the “shareholders”. The fall from place 25 to place 45+ in the latest bull market is catastrophic and sends a strong signal to everybody (“stay away from Zcash”).

Anton1, your opinion has been duly noted by the forum over,

and over,

and over,

and over,

and over again.

From my perspective, I see Zcash as an OVERSOLD, HIGHLY UNDERVALUED asset that stands to benefit from slowly building it’s shielded pool while folks (like you) chase the latest headlines about its inflationary rates and exchange delistings.

I’m playing for the long game (i.e., Zcash = Anonymous Cash) and so I remain a buyer at $63 — just like the folks at Grayscale I might add.

To be clear: no project, and I mean NO PROJECT solves the private wealth storage default that Zcash solves.

But if it’s only 1 million dollars to radically increase z-adress adaptation that is a no brainer right? From both the perspective of usefulness and performance? People would finally understand what Zcash is about and all discussions on deprecating t-adresses can stop since they would be unnecessary.

Okay, your point is clear, let’s see in a year if you stay with the project or slam the door as many have already done.
You are a buyer and not a potential user, so you argue that it will grow up anyway and not what to do with it and why there is not yet a tool that was announced.

For I am right to assume that the ECC does have the shareholders best interest in mind when they make decisions about spending money?

I just had this crazy thought flash through my mind that maybe you are all a bunch of academics who primarily works for the altruistic purpose of “cryptography” rather than their shareholders. But I quickly realized that that couldn’t be the case since you need a strong zcash in order to be able to continue your work.

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Wake up. Look what people are writing about Zcash outside this forum. Some crisis awareness please. If no one even recognizes that there is a crisis then nothing will be done and the project will slowly get less and less attention. On the other hand, here we have a great opportunity to turn the ship for only 1 million dollars.

Think of it this way: isn’t one million dollars a cheap price to pay in order to prove @Anton1 wrong? He has been a thorn in your side for so long and he seems so sure of himself always talking about “facts”.

Like both of you (and everyone else on the forum), I am entitled to my opinion.

Anton1 joined May, 2019.

Schleiermacher joined January, 2021.

I joined October, 2016.

***Anton1, I am a long-time Zcash USER, Zcash BUYER, and Zcash PROJECT SUPPORTER. I have been here much longer than you have been (October, 2016 v. May, 2019). I hope you’re still here in a year as we are a community with different opinions and POVs.

***Schleiermacher, the use of disrespectful phrases like “wake up” is unnecessary. I hear your POV and to the extent it contributes to the success of Zcash, I appreciate it.

Certainly. And I wish you and everyone else on the forum and in the Zcash community good luck.

Take care!

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I registered in 2019, but I have been here since 2017, which is also less than you, but I ask the same questions for almost the entire time, and for some reason not many people ask such questions, many no longer visit the forum, apparently, remember which one there was a live forum at that time and what it is now, it does not look like the development of the community, well, that’s my opinion. You are satisfied with the situation, but again, you did not answer a single question, what is the development and growth for you, you wrote that you expect growth to be in the future and what you didn’t say about growth now, I’m saying that you need to rely on reality for analysis , the project will develop if it solves the problem, that’s all I’m not saying that there will be no development in any case.
It seems to me that I am expressing myself very clearly, why they do not understand me, I do not know. To my questions, where the community answers me that it is growing and where it is not said to see it, when asked what development they say that it goes on and will be later and what is expressed, they don’t say, when I ask how to finance further if the price does not rise, they say that this is not a problem now it’s not a problem NOW, but what if such a price continues and the market falls, there is no answer, dreams are good but you need to describe reality, I will of course leave the forum, I think very soon, it just feels like this is a place where everything is good and meaningful asking what exactly is not appropriate.

Here is a positive tweet for the industry, Zooko refers to it, but remember that zec was excluded earlier and it turns out again such an achievement right? Whether zec will be added again there is no news, development is going somewhere but past us and this is not positive.

Vot yesli by k etoy novosti bylo zayavleniye chto teper’ my snova budet na uzhe detsentralizovannoy platforme bez KYC ya by skazal otlichno, a tak vyglyadit kak izdevatel’stvo nad storonnikami zcash, tipa kruto no nas vystavili za dver’ i my slishkom gordyye chto by postuchat’ snova.
Now, if there was a statement to this news that now we will again be on an already decentralized platform without KYC, I would say great, but it looks like a mockery of zcash supporters, like cool, but we were kicked out the door and we are too proud to knock again.
https://twitter.com/Crypto_Texan/status/1347045254457925633 I am not the only one asking this question, but I think there will be no answer.

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