Here is the EQUIHASH ASIC. Maybe why Zookos didnt answer my question about ASIC and ZEC?

Please fork it…
don’t be a joke

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I hate ASIC too. Please fork if possible, ASIC is centralized!


ASIC in itself is not the problem. In-fact a GPU is also an ASIC. What is the problem is that a few manufacturers will dominate the market with equipment that is dedicated. Where general purpose consumer miners provided a very diverse group that support the consensus mechanism. Some use Linux, other windows or even Android and Mac. Some use Nivida, AMD and in the near future Intel and there is a verity of equihash software out now. Of which some are even opensource. It is highly unlikely with such a diverse group that there will be an easy exploit that can threaten the network. Unlike ASIC miners that in all likelihood has a backdoor programmed in or a few bugs. If there is some exploit then GPU miners can easily update their software where ASIC miners can’t.

forget about the small-time miners. They are screwed regardless of ASIC or not. It’s about the diversity of the coins consensus mechanism. Think about a disease hitting a homogeneous population that has little resistance to that disease. That population will become extinct if the disease is lethal. But if the population has diversity then some will be affected but others will be resistant. if Zooko /Zcash does not see the threat then they should suffer the consequences

It really depends on the zcash philosophy. If decentralization is the essence of the zcash then having your consensus mechanism in the control of one entity is a thread. GPU/CPU mining provides a divers and robust community which will prevent a single point of attack. It is not really about ASIC as it is about the thread of manipulations by one single entity. if Zcash has decentralization, Privacy and security at its core it should fork.


this is not accurate. A GPU is not an ASIC.

Agreed Cryptomon. I wish people would stop trying to associate a GPU with a ASIC. One is specialize graphical processor (but can do more than graphics), the other is a device purpose built to serve only one specific function and cannot be changed. A GPU is capable to doing many things that are not graphics related. GPU has more in common with a CPU than either have with an ASIC.

Did you read the first sentence and then stop? Cpu is also an asic depending on how you define the A.

No I think he was pointing out the only inaccurate statement he saw in your post. A GPU is NOT an ASIC…and neither is a CPU. A GPU is not a CPU per se, but it has far more in common with a CPU than an ASIC. ASIC’s are purpose built for a single use function (one specific task) and cannot be re-purposed to do anything else (alright, maybe a door stop). That is NOT true with a CPU and a GPU, granted a GPU is more specialized than a CPU (IE graphical functions), but it is still generalized in nature. It can be used in a multitude of ways depending on the software you implement. You can’t do that with an ASIC.

Why is that important? The easiest way to lose a logical argument is to allow inaccurate statements to stand. They will frequently be used as support against your position.

I have mining equipment, and I don’t think the algorithm should change. Do you think Bitmain can’t adapt? They will make new ASICS and let’s hope they share em with the world instead of mining everything for themselves.
I imagine this machine makes more noise, but it’s also a cleaner, more efficient, scalable design. Have you seen a Gpu mining farm? The cords! The chaos! Who knows what is going where.
Using first principles I embrace this ASIC as a better way to mine Zcash, and I can’t wait to get mine.


A couple things you need to consider. These ASIC are industrial in nature, not meant for home use. There have been stories of formaldehyde vapors from the PCB’s supposedly (was that ever confirmed/debunked?). Cable organization is an issue no matter what you use. If your bad at it, your always going to have a problem.

I don’t agree. Only an idiot would run a new miner in his house while he sleeps, GPU or ASIC. Even GPU’s outgass when they are hot. You need an air handling system unless you just have a couple GPU’s in your gaming rig.

If your bigger than that, it is 100% YOUR responsibility for your safety and that of your family. Rigs require AIR for cooling and to deal with toxic out gassing. Nvidia and AMD did not sell you GPU’s for a mining farm in your home. If you poison yourself and or your family its your fault, and only your fault.

And ASIC can absolutely be used in the home. Its just an IC not a D10 dozer. Its just understanding the needs of the system and making sure you provide the appropriate airflow.


You are correct and are incorrect at the same time. Both GPU’s and CPU’s have to meet safety standards to be considered for home use. So the outgasing on the PCB’s for all general computer components have to be below a certain thresh hold or they would not get the required approvals and be denied import into the US, as well as other countries. I am not aware of any such safety standards applying to industrial grade ASICs, although I’m sure they probably do exist to some degree they are far different at the industrial level.

Hello everyone! I think that ASIC’s are a good thing and do not jeopardize the decentralization that is the strength of cryptocurrency, especially the Zcash. This ASIC from BITMAIN will on the contrary democratize and strengthen the cryptocurrencies that will let this technology pass through their network, because these ASIC’s are efficient, consume little energy and are at prices accessible to the general public. $ 850 as of 25/06/2018 (BITMAIN Shop); it’s almost the same price as one of the last iPhone from Apple.

When we read that Apple has sold the Iphone 7 to 32 million units worldwide in Q2 2017 (Dernières news IT, sécurité, transformation numérique et réseaux - ZDNet model-the-most-sold-in-the-world-39858430.htm), such a success for a cryptocurrency would be great in the framework of decentralization.

Morality, so let to the players the graphics cards; they will say thank you, because will have a better availability on the graphics card market and will no longer blame the miners to drive up the prices of their graphics cards.

Best regards.

If you want buy ASIC now you will have to wait at least 3 months for batch 2
In meantime they mine

And make 2 milion $ a day just on that adress :wink:

You call that decentralisation :smiley: …few make all,all other make nothing


it’s almost the same price as one of the last iPhone from Apple.

If you really want to compare this ASIC to iPhone in terms of price, then how about a resell value?
The resell value of an ASIC is very low compared to one of the iPhone.

Morality, so let to the players the graphics cards.

This sentence looks very much like the sentences are made in the Chinese language.
I suspect that this account (Gwadalsace) was created less than 24 hours ago by some Bitmain lapdog, just to promote its’ ASICs.

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Yes, it’s a very good are absolutely right, I did not observe this aspect of things. It would have been fairer for ASIC manufacturers to be able to ship as much as Apple does for its iPhone. They are likely to do so because they do not have more abilities to do so.


Sorry Gwadalsace It’s me, the little Alsatian in France who is looking to invest in something useful and profitable. If I were a member of BITMAIN, and in view of their success, I will spend my time on something other than this forum to promote my sales.

@Etherion is 100% correct GPU’s are ASICs as are CPU’s. GPU’s are Graphics Processing Units. The application they are specific to is graphics processing. The nature of graphics requires a lot more parallel and varied processing blocks, which in turn make GPU’s flexible computing platforms. ASIC’s, as crypto miners perceive them, refer to single function integrated circuits that are only capable of solving the hash function(s) of the PoW Algo, ie SHA-256, Equishash, etc. The chips that are not ASICs are FPGA’s and even that is a stretch given they are specific to being programmable.


The problem is that people don’t relieve that the scope of A, (Application) is flexible.

A GPU has a core which is an ASIC. If one define the complete device as a GPU then no it is not an asic but neither is an antminer then an asic.

You can write software to make an GPU perform 1 to N different tasks. You cannot make an ASIC do anything different than what it was originally taped out to do, not even with a “software” change. FPGA is more along the lines of what you keep trying to suggest, although they are expensive and are difficult to program, you CAN re-task those to do any number of different processes.

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And if Bitmain tomorrow release an antminer that can mine 'n different algorithms it is no longer an asic?

It you have GPU-Z installed you might want to check your gpus ASIC quality…