Bitmain introduces a Equihash 10Ksol / 300W ASIC miner

Looks like there is a asic equihash miner coming out…

Hashrate: 10k Sol/s ± 5%
Power consumption: 300W

Curious what will happen …

Well at least bitcoingold indicated that they will hard fork

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Yep, thats a good thing…

i am staying true to my nvidia farm :slight_smile:


ASIC with 13.3x of 1080 ti speed is killer speed. either hard fork or it will be ASIC only mining.

Edit: Updated the speed of ASIC.

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Better out in the open than private. I wasn’t expecting these on the market so soon. Looks like I’m selling 200+ 1080 tis. :thinking:

probably would buy one to play with, but can’t even use zcash to buy the thing.

is it only me looking at dusty fan on the photo of the product? new or used actually?

If there where not for the gpu miners there be no Zcash!! So screw them over and allow Asic! And forget Zcash being decentralized and private!

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Difficulty on zcash about to go parabolic. GPU to become useless if 10k and 300w is true.


its 13.3 1080ti’s to equal 10k H/s at roughly 1/12 the power needed to run them


I fixed my calculations thanks for correcting

make sure i’m reading this correctly: $8,000 (roughly) worth of GPUs to equal 1 $2,000 ASIC?

I was expecting asics to come sooner than later. Seems like zooko is dragging his feet over what to do about it.

What puzzles me, however, is why those who have GPUs that can mine ETH simply don’t switch to that if ZCash doesn’t stop ASIC (and sticks it to the ones who got it here).

10ks/s on 300w is almost unbelievable. At least Bitmain forced zooko’s hand now. So that’s a positive.

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Actually. 750 H/s per 1080ti. 1080ti is ~$950US. So, $12,666.66 of GPUs for $2000.


You missed the ETH ASIC anouncement by bitmain last month.

actually you are forgetting about mobo’s,risers,powersupplies etc to run a rig…so just calculating a graphic card isn’t correct…

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OFC, was just correcting kek’s statement of $8000. Maybe assume we already have the rest of the kit as mining is not a newbie game anymore.


was using the first price i saw after searching quickly… that’s really interesting, thanks!

in my humble guess…prices will be nice upwards to the relase date…after that asic farms will raise diff exponentional …price will go higher for a little while and dump the shit out of the equihash coins dropping the price when fomo hits…those coins wich devs didn’t work on solving the asic rigs coming in will see it happen…

If Zcash doesn’t hard fork, I’m done with this coin.

I don’t want to sell my GPUs so I guess I’ll switch to Vertcoin (VTC).