How many zec are being created each block?

I read the funding page, and I liked what I read.

However, it states that zcash is just like Bitcoin in the fact that 21 million will be made and that 50 will be made every 10 minutes for the first 4 years.

So then why is the miner reward for the most recent block on showing 12.52073058 ZEC being doled out and not 50 ZEC?

Have miners already blown through the entire 4 years worth of 50 ZEC rewards and another 4 years of 25 ZEC rewards?

And where did the extra 0.02073058 ZEC come from? Why is it not an even 12.5 ZEC?

And my final mining related question is why is the difficulty seemingly stagnant according to’s difficulty charts ???

Is there really not that much interest in zcash mining? Or what is going on there?

Bitcoin difficulty has been climbing ever since it was launched. Why is zcash difficulty stagnant?

Thank you for reading.

The Block Rewards issue a total of 50 Zcash (ZEC) every 10 mins. But the block spacing is 2.5 mins, so each block produces 12.5 ZEC. And I would guess the remaining odd number is the transaction fees included.

You can find more mining details here:

And as far as difficulty goes, Zcash has a unique algorithm (developed by @str4d) that is not directly linear like Bitcoin to prevent some forms of “selfish mining” attacks where large pools can withdraw hash power to drop difficulty then suddenly rejoin and mine a bunch of blocks at a lower difficulty. He would be able to elaborate more on how difficulty is set than myself.

I wouldn’t directly correlate difficulty with interest.

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Why not?

Does the difficulty not increase when more people are bringing more mining rigs online?

In other words… isn’t the difficulty directly tied to mining interest?

Does anyone know the name of the algorithm that @str4d developed so that I could read up on it?

Thank you.

You can read more about the difficulty adjustment algorithm here: select difficulty adjustment algorithm · Issue #147 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

And the main reason you don’t see a big ramp up in difficulty over time like with Bitcoin is that Zcash had plenty of press and several versions on the testnet for miners to prepare for launch. Many of the biggest pools like Suprnova and cloud mining companies like Genesis Mining were ready, so it’s not surprising that the difficulty was high from the start and has remained high ever since.

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I know this will be a very stupid question to 99% of you on here but I’m new to mining,
So just wondering how do i find out or go about mining blocks of zcash myself or any other coin for that matter, ive got 2 rigs with about 6k sols combined, just curious on how to do it, ive tried googling it etc but i don’t think I’m using the correct terminology as I’m getting no results,

Thanks in advance

any i mean mining blocks directly without using a pool, i know its a gamble and can go months without finding a block but id still like to know how to do it for intellectual purposes lol

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There you go

Much appreciated, ill give that ago

Good luck, hope it works out for you. :grinning: