How much reserves/treasury does zcash ECC currently hold?

Subject is the question.

How much reserve/treasury does zcash/ECC (all aff funds) currently holds?

Anyone know how much? Looking for resources or a number.

Appreciate it! :slight_smile:


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last info from 2 months ago

As of September 27, 2023, the company held approximately $676K in USD and approximately 89K ZEC.
it’s probably less now by sum amount.


The concerning takeaway from that report is a burn rate almost twice that of the dev fund monthly revenue. I’m curious as to what ZF’s situation is. But that is not a sustainable model.

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If I remember correct, there are also another handful of ECC assets and liabilities
(historically hadn’t been in all transparency reports)

  1. StarkWare assets
  2. Agoric assets
  3. Potentially YEC or ZCL assets
  4. 3.5 million debt to Least Authority LLC
  5. Any other private equity debts

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The details of #2 and #4 are the income and holdings section of the report.

Looks to be about 41 million Agoric tokens as of September of last year - so a little under $5 mil if they sold them all.

The Least Authority debt looks to be $3.75 million payable next November.

So with halving cuts current revenue in half, a $3.75 million debt is due both in November. The same time the current dev fund expires AND the company is burning more per month than it takes in.


It’s looking like ZF’s total expenditure for the whole of 2023 will be in the region of $5.25m.

ZF currently receives approx. 65,745 ZEC per annum. At the current market price of ZEC, that’s less than $2m.


thanks everyone. appreciate the info.