How to calculate hash rate?

Does any one know how to calculate hash rate for zcash?
What i mean by that exactly is:
What specification i need to consider from CPU and GPU and other factors to calculate h/s?
Also what is calculation formula to do the calculation?

I was looking a lot and i can’t find anything solid.

For example let say i would like to calculate hash power of that HPC:

How to do it? Step by step, please?

I’m join to this question … Can somebody help please ? thank you ALL

You can’t really “calculate” your hashrate based purely on hardware specs before you buy the hardware.
You can get a rough idea by finding examples of people with similar hardware and see what they got, but there are always differences depending on your location (how far away from whatever pool you use you are), what pool you use, if you use a pool at all, what operating system you use, what mining software you use, etc, etc.
There is no step by step. The only foolproof way is to get the hardware, mine with it and see what happens.

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Thank you for your kind reply.
How about something what can give some rough idea what h/s might be?
I’m asking because if no one ever use for ex. xeon 7210, then there is no data available. Testing by trying and failing is very expansive.