How to create a voting system on zcash

Hi all, i’m interested to create a voting system based on Zcash. I’m writing here to ask if that’s possible with shilded address and if anyone have a point where i can start for that. I want to specify that it’s a project that i want to create for me so i do not need to do that more sophisticated.
Thanks all.


There were some articles about voting systems with zkp’s (Ill have to find them) but Ive not heard of one conducted with Zcash (we’ve definitely discussed it)
(If you’re not concerned with decentralization or voters anonymity with you) all you’d need is voters registration in some form so the votes couldn’t be gamed, after that simply contact the voters with single use Z addresses associated with the candidates and a secure micropayment to correlate the vote to whomever they vote for, 1 payment-> 1 vote

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This was the other

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