How to duplicate the installation and what can be shared?

Good evening.

Let’s say i have several computers in a network and want to run the mining on all of them.
Which parts can be shared between them?

That is, let’s say i have an NFS mount accessible by all of them.
Can i put the params keys on it?
Would relatively slow access to them slow down mining?

Second question, what else can and can not be shared?
Blockchains should be separate, i suppose, or is it not critical? Would it handle NFS-type simultaneous access?
The wallets would have to be different too.
Anything else to keep in mind?

Or, perhaps, i’m making up difficulties for something that have a simpler solution?

Why share anything? I’m not.

Because the nodes only have 4 to 8Gb of storage including OS, which might or might not be enough to run a full, separate install.
I’d love to be able to reduce duplicity a little.

It appears OK to share the keys. After 20 weeks, testnet3 might be 0.5 GB. Seems like a 1 TB HDD would be safer and easier. Ubuntu needs at least 4 GB, but you’ve probably got something efficient in mind.

You can share everything except the testnet3 directory.

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