How to get a block in height?

I have height block and i want to get block.

What method can i use to get a block with rpc api?

zcash-cli getblock 100000 0


Thanks. I have one more question.
I can create object for utxo

type Utxo struct {
	Address       string        `json:"address"`
	Txid          string        `json:"txid"`
	Vout          int           `json:"vout"`
	ScriptPubKey  string        `json:"scriptPubKey"`
	AmountIface   interface{}   `json:"amountIface"`
	Amount        float64        `json:"amount"`
	Satoshis      int64 		`json:"satoshis"`
	Confirmations int   		`json:"confirmations"`

in rpc request i find this request

 let utxo = await rpc.getaddressutxos({"addresses": [`${req.params.address}`], "chainInfo": true})

this request get result

        "address"     (string)  The address base58check encoded
        "txid"        (string)  The output txid
        "height"      (number)  The block height
        "outputIndex" (number)  The output index
        "script"      (string)  The script hex encoded
        "satoshis"    (number)  The number of zatoshis of the output
      }, ...
  "hash"              (string)  The block hash
  "height"            (numeric) The block height

There can i find vout for utxo ?

I don’t understand your question, but you can decode a block (and its transactions) with the same RPC call :-

zcash-cli getblock 130000 2

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