How to start a private Zcash network?

I need to setup Zcash in a private network, is it supported?

Check out regtest mode (same as Bitcoin). Is that what you’re after?

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Thanks for the information. Also on which port does the regtest network runs? Is it same as that for testnet, i.e 18232 for testnet RPC

I think 18344 for zcashd and 18232 for RPC (I just ran lsof -i | grep LISTEN) If in doubt just set the -port config option and/or -rpcport option in zcash.conf.

(edited this as I had actually manually specified rpcport in zcash.conf when I first answered)

is this to build a asic private pool?

No, the base Zcashd software does not have the code to run or connect to a mining pool.

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