If the SEC says that Zcash is a security?

ZSAs and Legal Risk

I don’t like it, but the risk is real. I’ve spent 20 hours in a jail cell with Roman Sterligov so I am seeing first hand how ugly the US government’s abusive application of the money transmitter and money laundering conspiracy statutes can be.

Another suggestion I have to help the community navigate this would be to fund a grant to an attorney for an opinion about ZSA operation and how ZSA operations could be structured such that they would not trigger application of money transmitter laws or money laundering conspiracy law. And for that mission I would give the grant to Mike Mosier, who is former acting head of FinCen but at same time is a crypto native developer and privacy advocate.

The theme advocated in the above thread, seems reasonable to expand this theme to include a professional opinion on a Security? As well as the potential risks that POS may pose?
Would be great to have ZF, FPF, Blockchain Association, or EFF to assemble a grant or a team to volunteer an opinion on this ever moving concern in light of what has been happening across the crypto industry.