Important Links for Zcash Noobs

Here are some handy links for anyone just finding about Zcash and wants to know more:

What is Zcash?

How is Zcash Funded? (there is no ICO or Premine)

Zcash Future Plans

2018 Roadmap:

2019 Roadmap:

Zcash Getting Started Guide

Zcash Github + Projects

Zcash Milestones:

Zcash Block Explorers:

FAQ about Zcash

How Can I Start Mining?

How Can I Run a Node?

Zcash Sprout Trusted Setup Parameters

New Sapling Parameter Generation

Zcash Protocol Specification

The Zcash Proof Of Work: Equihash

Zcash Forum:

Zcash Community Website:

Zcash Chat:

IRC: or in channel #zcash

Any particular reason you are copy/pasting the sticky from Reddit? Most of these links are already in the Forum header.