Inventory management software that uses zCash as its default cryptocurrency

Hello Everyone, I just submitted a proposal to build an inventory management system that runs on zCash as its default cryptocurrency for payment, I believe a project like this will expand the real-world usage of zCash, and increase its demand/supply generally.

here’s a public link to view our proposal


Hey Ken :wave:

Thank you for submitting your proposal.

I’d like to learn more about your history with software development and potential users. Do you have a target audience and use cases for developing the inventory management software? Are there customers with interest in using Zcash as the default currency for managing inventory?

@zk-webbravo, after sufficient time for community feedback on the forum, and consideration from @ZcashGrants, the committee has decided to reject this proposal. The committee feels the proposal in its current form is unclear of the product market fit, and the overall benefit to the Zcash ecosystem. They encourage you to address the questions in the above post by @aiyadt + continue to get community feedback and ultimately you can resubmit a new proposal if you would like.

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