IP linkability and Zcash

I have been thinking about IP linkability lately and was wondering how the Zcash team has been thinking about approaching this in the future or if its even really a big issue for end user privacy?

I am fine using a VPN/TOR with full node but if we want this to be truly private digital cash on a global scale wouldn’t this need to be addressed? I know Monero has Kovri in development. Has ECC thought about anything in regards to this?

Even once Ledger integrates fully shielded addresses we will still have this issue of IP linkability right? So the only true way to use Zcash like “cash” would be a full node set up still via tor…


I think this would be addressed by Arti, the pure-Rust tor implementation funded by ZOMG. It would make it a lot easier to embed Tor inside of apps such as wallets, minimising leakage and attack surface by having much better memory safety. For now, using a Tor SOCKS proxy would probably the best thing, or routing traffic via a VPN on Android, or a secure OpenVPN/Wireguard setup (ideally tested for leakage), provided you understand that your VPN could be logging just as much, or more, than your ISP.


interesting. Will it be possible to have this baked into Zcash by default eventually? So even when interacting directly with Zcash-Cli and making transactions it just shields our IP? … obviously would be something different than Tor… not sure if realistic or if something like this is possible. --isnt that what Kovri is trying to achieve?