Is it possible to generate a main net address already?

Thanks for your message, I’m reading it right now.

I’m just sharing my thoughts, so people can correct me.

From the protocol:

In Bitcoin a single byte is used for the version field identifying the address type. In Zcash two bytes are used. For addresses on the production network, this and the encoded length cause the first two characters of the Base58Check encoding to be fixed as “ t3 ” for P2SH addresses, and as “ t1 ” for P2PKH addresses. (This does not imply that a transparent Zcash address can be parsed identically to a Bitcoin address just by removing the “ t ”.)

But that’s pretty much what I can read in the source code too. Let me try to fire up the wallet.

I also crossposted it to the Bitcoin SE weekly challenge here: How to generate a zcash vanity address? - Bitcoin Stack Exchange