Would pools like zcash.flypool.org continue automatically mining mainnet?

Since using stratum you specify just the server and your account (and in Flypool’s case the rig), would it automatically start to mine mainnet “on the fly”?

Biggest problem to me seems to be, are testnet addresses different from mainnet addresses (like with bitcoin)?

So, can I just start mining today, and run it constantly without any modifications the following weeks? :slight_smile:


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Hello, you are fully right. Miners on zcash.flypool.org will need to change their mining address after the launch to Zcash mainnet address. We put up a respective announcement on the main page of the pool.

Thank you Peter :slight_smile: But since during testnet phase there seems to be no payouts yet, could I create a mainnet address somehow off-line (like with Bitcoin), and then provide that to the pool?

Since I am going to a (unofficial, i suppose) Zcash launch party tomorrow to another city, and will be back on Saturday evening, so I would like very much if my home computer could crunch the zcash meanwhile :slight_smile: And most probably I must leave to the other city hours before the launch.

Yes, that would be possible.There is already an offline address generator: BIP32 HD Wallet and Vanity Address Generator

Thank you very very much! This solved my problem :slight_smile:

@peter_zcash: if it’s already possible to generate mainnet addresses (meaning it’s unrelated to trusted setup parameters), why isn’t the testnet using the same addresses as the mainnet? Actually are you really 100% sure addresses used in testnet won’t be valid addresses and where did you find this information? I’m saying contradicting views on that, including one post from you in the flypool thread where you say miners will be able to keep mining without doing any change.

Weren’t the Trusted Setup keys generated 6 days ago and available to download already?

This you need to ask the devs. Testnet addresses start with tm while mainnet addresses will start with t1. See the following file for more details: zcash/chainparams.cpp at master · zcash/zcash · GitHub

and how can I get a Zcash mainnet address ?

Check this thread: