Is it possible to generate a main net address already?

Rm testnet3 since your upgrading

I didn't upgrade. RC4 was the first one I installed

It keeps saying validated 0 transactions

You swtich so reftech key

You had fetch testnet

? Im sorry I am not following you

How do I refresh key?

Fetchparam in bêta guide

I did that already, it was that 900MB download.

Then create the main net. Conf

what's your zcash.conf look like?


Keep in mind its in slowmode launch you have nothing to validate yet

Do you have a two folders for zcash? One is .zcash and has the zcash.conf and then a second folder for zcash (no period preceding)?

Yes I do....

20 chars

edit the zcash.conf in the .zcash (period) folder and run zcashd from the zcash (no period). If you leave off the -daemon you you get the node info feedback from the terminal. You can then run the zcash-cli commands in the .zcash terminal.

Yes that's what I did

When I run the regular terminal, it doesn't let me type. It says CTRL+C to terminate.

leave that running in that terminal and open another one in the .zcash folder. Run your zcash-cli commands from there

So open 2 terminals in total?

I can't run the ./zcash-cli into the /root/.zcash folder it says "./zcash-cli: No such file or directory"

Sorry, I've confused myself. See if this helps.

Edit zcash.conf in the .zcash folder.

Run zcashd in the zcash folder ( ./src/zcashd)

If you don't use the -daemon then run zcash-cli in a separate terminal (./src/zcash-cli getinfo)

In the terminal that is running the node, does it look like it's connected?